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Posted by mikegbogh | Nov 22, 2010 @ 04:59 AM | 17,483 Views
Hi There,
I love flying sailplanes, but somedays the wind does not blow at our favourite slope, or a tug is not available for Scale gliding , or winching is a hassle, so I decided a few electric sailplanes are in order.
Yesterday I maidened this 4.5mtr glider and the motor, battery and ESC setup certainly did the job.
It has a 6 s 2750mah lipo, 80amp speed controller and Emaxx motor 4020 bl
The Watt meter gave a current draw of about 56amps WOT and 1340watts.
This bird weighs about 5 kg but the climb was good and it then soared in the thermals for about 40 minutes, I am happy. a good maiden flight.