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Posted by mikegbogh | Sep 28, 2009 @ 05:35 AM | 19,055 Views
Hi All,
A few photo's from a recent slope outing , and perfecting the flying, landing and getting to know the gliders.

The photo's of the SB-10 are of Norbert flying his glider in the late afternoon ,
valley release, the glider is balasted up and kept "on the step" for some close up flying.

The KA-7 had its 3rd flight and although a basic model with ailerons, and elevator control, it has a useful speed range and looks great in the air, it thermals well and has no real vices, great for my sons first semi-scale glider.

The Ventus with the colourfull markings is being flown as a video camera ship and all the lines underneath make it way more visible, this flight started with a huge lull and a some tense moments before the strong thermal reached the slope, the video is ok but was zoomed in a bit to much.