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Posted by mikegbogh | Jan 12, 2009 @ 09:17 AM | 19,409 Views
On a recent slope trip I had set myself 4 goals.

1. The maiden flight of a DG 300 which was recently completed, it was a fuselage I aquired from the Multiplex kit of a few years back and I built a set of slightly stretched wings , using the HQ 3/12 wing section. flew well

2.To fly my semi-scale 6mtr Ventus with and electric power pod, the aim was to see if when the lift died , was it possible to gain safe height for a landing back on top. The AXI motor was more than able to loft this 8kg glider from down in the valley to safe height on about 10 attempts on the 2300mah Lipo
battery. This will be some insurance in area's were outlandings are not an option. more than enough power.(a bit noisy)

3.To Finally fly my semi-scale DG500 at 7.8mtr and 16kg, it has only had a short 8minute flight exactly 0ne year and 1 day ago, I really wanted to test its flight more. The flight was great but some things look odd, namely the lack of di-hedral wHich I will fix by building a new wing joiner, and the oversize winglets which seem to work but need to be reduced in size.
The flight testing went well with about 30 minutes of airtime in good soaring conditions.

4. Goal 4 was to fly with my video camera on board and capture an in-flight
video and this was excellent , but I need to experiment on the zoom of the camera a bit more.The flight images are good but the turns tend to make you dizzy when watching .

All in all a good trip and all goals accomplished and much learnt.