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Posted by mikegbogh | Jul 22, 2008 @ 05:14 AM | 19,570 Views
I am most humbled by the nice comments I received on my Blogs first post .So I am doing a follow up post( no 2) which leads up to the flight of the really big DG5OO featured in post 1 .

I have built and flown model aircraft for the last 40 years, I took a break for about 10 years as my family got started, and got back into modelling about 3 years ago.
I joined a model gliding club BERG-GLIDERS and was introduced to the art of slope soaring. This opened a whole new chapter of R/C soaring for me. I was most impressed by the large sailplanes, they have a presence in the sky that is hard to beat and when they do a high speed pass ,the grace and energy is flying effiency at its best....I was truely hooked.
I basically taught myself to build using composite materials with a little help from local guru's and the internet forums like this. Here are photos of the earlier projects.I design and scratch, build including the moulds, but these are stand off(far off) scale gliders meant to fly. I love building and encourage others to do the same , the scale gliding support is growing here and thats great....Continue Reading