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Posted by peskeybobcat | Nov 02, 2007 @ 09:10 PM | 10,072 Views
(A peskeybobcat build )I ordered the Dynaflite Butterfly Trainer Kit .10-.20,99"...........Sun Flicker..........The photos will explane the Sun Flicker part and plan to start building it this month I will power it with a OS.10 engine I will post photos of the build as it comes along.All photos to the build will be posted on post#49 All other photos that do not pertain to the build will be posted through out the forum. Box #4 will hold the post #49.......
Posted by peskeybobcat | Sep 07, 2007 @ 02:23 PM | 14,738 Views
By Chuck Pappe This is House of Balsa 1 1/2 scale ME-109 I have a .010 0S engine on it.I am still trying to get it to fly.
Whelp i did the maiden flight on the house of balsa ME-109 today. This was not good but not all bad either. For some time now I had been having trouble with the OS .10 engine not coming up to speed or Max RPM. Some of this I brought on my self During the summer months here on the desert it gets really HOT so I was adding more 2 cycle oil to the gas which is not good for these little engines come to find out I suspected this, which is why it has taken me so long to do this maiden flight because I was waiting for the summer fuel to run out. Today I started up that OS..10 and it sung like a song bird on a spring day come right in to the RPM that I was looking for so I decided to go for the flight. Here are the results I taxied out to the run way pointed it in to the wind and let it rip full throttle Down the runway off she went At this point everything looking good Tail come up off the ground and she is rolling true a level then she picks up off the ground every thing looking good she starts to climb. UH OH the plane tilted to the left so I throw in some correction but maybe a little to much at this point she comes rolling back hard throwing its self into a fur ball flip spin She's all fight at this point and to the ground it went (SPLAT) But not all is lost it is fixable. To save the next guy a lot of truble just put a .25 engine on this bird.
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Posted by peskeybobcat | Sep 05, 2007 @ 03:28 PM | 5,700 Views
I saw a post recently about crashing into corn so I thought I would give my theories:

Certain types of vegetation and even trees possess an energy phenomenon known as "Disastrous Aviation Magnetic Negative Inverse Thrust" (or the acronym DAMNIT for short). It's basically a gravitational attraction to the high density of chlorophyll in plants and trees.

Basically the way it works is that trees absorb oxygen which is air. Your airplane needs air to fly. When flying close to trees they 'suck' the air from around your plane. That is why so many people crash into trees.

I'm not a botanist so I cannot explain why it happens with corn or beans but I'm thinking it may be a similar theory called "Ocular Height Corrected Reflex Adjusted Phenomenon" (or the acronym OHCRAP for short). As I understand, it's when the plane blends into the colors or texture of the surrounding corn or beans and the height or distance is misjudged causing a sharp reflex action to adjust for the error but is usually too late to recover. I think this can also cause a person to crash into trees as well.

I know these exist because I hear the acronyms quoted a lot when I'm at a field. It seems that the ones who crash know the forces that caused the accident but I am at a loss as to why they didn't fly to prevent the accident to begin with.

Another force I've observed is called "Stalls Happen In Time" and evidently this seems to be the most common cause of crashes since I hear this acronym the most.