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Posted by paulpeffly | Jan 06, 2012 @ 11:11 AM | 2,975 Views
I just built this recently and noticed what a good thing I had done. I realized that there might be others who might need something like this but dont have the time to make it or might not have the tons of money that some companies want for their setups. This setup is awesome! To test its capabilities I put 6X 6s 3000 lipos on it and parallel charged them at 30a! (a little under 2c) So basically what I have to offer is this setup, customized to your preferences, your power and balance connectors needed. I will build, test, and send it to you, im thinking within 2 weeks (not exactly sure but should be around this time) The box, power supplies, and power cords will stay the same but if requested I can probably do a PowerLab 6 or 3010b instead of the 306b if preferred. I have an additional 12V pin out for a separate small charger should the need arise, This can be the same on yours or you can opt not to have this.

As for a price, im thinking $380 paypal shipped. If your really interested, just shoot me a pm and we can work something out.

I can also offer up the setup minus the charger and charger adapters for $170

Or even just the power supplies(with pin mod done) for $30 each

Or set of 2 power supplies(w/mods and series connection) for $70
AC cables needed $20 (2X 1ft 3 prong PC to wall cables, 1X 1ft y-cable, 1X 6ft extension)

UPDATE - I can also get other power supplies of different watts and amps if you need something bigger. Just let me know what your...Continue Reading