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I spoke to Thomas at Castle tech support. Auto Calibrate of the throttle is the default and theoretically each time you connect the battery you have to go through a calibration. Truth being better than fiction the 2 second wide open throttle calibration is scarey with 2 hp. electric motor spinning a 16 inch prop. So, in practical terms, all you have to do is position throttle at mid point, connect battery, pull to idle to arm the ESC. idle out and then go full throttle for 2 seconds for takeoff. Top end is recalibrated. Don't like using the Autocalibrate default? Keep reading.

You can easily program the Fixed endpoint throttle using the Castle programming card.

This is written from my perspective as a user of a Spektrum DX8 first generation. This is a three part process. Step 1 is to setup the ESC to use fixed endpoints and Step 2 is to adjust the throttle end points in the servo setup Travel throttle setting interface. Step 3 is to bind the receiver again because you need to reset the fail safe.

STEP 1 -- Switching from auto calibrating the throttle to Fixed
First is to connect the card to the throttle lead from the ESC and pressing the lower right button to Throttle (bottom left) and deselecting auto calibrate and selecting FIXED.

STEP 2 -- Adjust throttle end points.
Once Step 1 is completed you then power up the plane normally and adjust the radio setting by selecting Servo setup and adjusting throttle travel. Set both to 40% so they are not...Continue Reading
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Stock Splendor except Four basic changes:
  1. Modified Morganmill Battery Cartridge system. CG is achievable without adding much weight to tail. .
  2. Magnets on the canopy
  3. Talon 90 ESC with is 9 amp continuous and 20 amp burst BEC.
  4. Reverse the landing gear for grass excursions.
Morganmill BATTERY Cartridge System (BCS)
BCS secures the battery and permits repeatable CG.

Foam had to be removed to fit the BCS. Plus, the aft section had to be trimmed and shortened to sit flat. A slot had to be opened to fit the ESC to RX lead and the battery connection. Washers as spacers were glued to the cartridge base with contact cement to raise up the base and allow the cartridge to fit over the connection tube that holds the two wing mounting brackets together. Even with that upward spacing of the installed base the removable battery holder (i.e., cartridge) had material removed from the aft bottom to provide more clearance so the cartridge locks in.

All in all the modification is good. I can lock the battery down into a repeatable Position 6 of the Cartridge but I did have to cut a relief in the 6 mm cross tube to ensure the cartridge could be locked into the plane. Installing a Morganmill CZ Cub battery cartridge provides the capability to move the battery pack further than the stock battery pocket. Up to 1.75" rearward from stock is possible if desired. Final balance check will dictate final battery location but a preliminary CG check indicates 1/2 ounces (14 grams) is...Continue Reading
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Below is a link to how to for lightening the little LED light:
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Below is from Fastflier. Battery slid back, canopy latch fix and reversing the gear make critical sense The switch fails in the open position.

Recommended Modifications: (Listed in the order of priority)
I flew my Splendor several weekends without any mods, just as it comes out of the box.
It flies fine this way, but it is a little nose heavy. Flies better with mod number 2, moving the battery back 3/4ths of an inch.

1. Cut the wire to the On/Off Switch located on the lower right nose. This takes 10 minutes to complete.
The switch isn't's just another point of possible failure.
This switch isn't reliable and has turned Off in mid flight on many Splendor pilots.
When this happens, you lose control. You simply remove the spinner and prop so you can get to 2 screws holding the nose cowl.
Simply remove the cowl to get access to the switch. Cut the two wire. Best to cut them to uneven lengths and wrap the ends with a little electrical tape. After removing the switch, it works like most electrics. Plug in your LiPo and you hear all the beeps and the lights start blinking on the receiver and you're ready to fly. I'm running the Turnigy 6s 30C 3300 mAh and I fly for 7.5 minutes.

2. Elongate the battery area for the LiPo battery by neatly cutting and removing the foam about 3/4ths of an inch to the rear.
This allows you to slide your battery back toward the wing by 3/4ths of an inch so you get the correct CG
...Continue Reading
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My 4 year old HP Pavilion I7 laptop was getting hot on the surface above the CPU. Temperature was averaging 160 to 170 F. with very little operating in the laptop. This posed a problem and I had to fix the overheating problem or risk damaging the CPU. The machine is unique in the laptop realm because it was equipped with 7200 rpm hard drive.

I actually bought a replacement laptop but found the Windows 8.1 and 5400 rpm hard disk to be no better than my 4 year old laptop. I had 90 days to return the new laptop if I didn't like it with no restocking fee (gotta love Costco).

I decided to see if could fix the overheating problem and speed up the laptop. I considered installing a solid state drive but first I needed to fix the overheating problem by reducing the work load on the CPU. I disabled unnecessary startup programs to reduce CPU load. That helped but the laptop was constantly using the CPU beyond the applications I was running. I wasn't editing video, just running MS Office programs. I found my laptop seemed to be indexing constantly. The Search Indexing function was pounding the CPU and loadings it constantly and heating it up. I then limited the search indexer to ONLY index My Documents, not the whole 1TB hard drive again and again. This helped reduce temperature by about 10 degrees F. That wasn't enough. Load was less. I also ran an array of anti-virus / Trojan cleaning programs and if Malwarebytes didn't catch something then HitManPro. I run MS Essentials to...Continue Reading
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This blog covers what it takes to install the aftermarket Bowman piston ring in a DLE30. The DLE30 side carb had about 3 hours of run time but it never had much compression from new. It almost felt like the plug was missing.

The Bowman rings (Frank Bowman email and phone number 505-327-0696) are noted for improving performance of RC gas motors because the rings are designed for a very close tolerance end gap (.001" to .002"). Material used and reduced piston ring end gap increases compression and hence power. Cost is about $20 and it arrives in a small envelope with simple set of instructions. This is how it comes when you open the envelope.

The DLE 30 I upgraded was a barely broken in DLE I have mounted in a 1/4 scale Clipped Wing Cub. I decided not to completely tear down the motor but do the minimum disassembly to install the new ring. The installation took about an hour while being interrupted by phone calls.

Tools and supplies needed are simple:
  • 4 mm hex head allen wrench
  • a small box wrench to lever the hex head allen to break away the torque.
  • 600 grit wet/dry sandpaper
  • .001 and .002" feeler gage
  • Blue Thread Locker
  • 2 cycle oil to lubricate the piston, ring and bore before reassembly
  • Goo Gone to clean the grime, carbon, oil and 600 grit wet/dry sandpaper
  • Paper towels
Step 1 -- Remove the prop, screws and cowl -- set aside
Step 2 -- Remove 4mm hex head screws that hold the jug/sleeve/head. These are very...Continue Reading
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Here is very good starter available from a pro Seller on RC Universe. I have seen it in action. Price is $127 plus shipping and it comes with 2 cups. 12-18 volt 6-1 gear reduction starter w/3cell LiPo and 2 inserts (one of each size). Have a lipo already? Order without a lipo and save $20. I bought one with 2 inserts and no lipo for $117 shipped ($107 plus $10 shipping).

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Here is a quick post of what it takes to wire and build your own A123 receiver packs using 2500 mah cells. I use these for my gasser giant scale planes. Cost is about $25 including cell shipping.

(Below is another link to 2016 posting about building your own A123 receiver packs:

You want genuine A123 cells and you can buy them from RadicalRC for $10 each. The cells do NOT come with welded on tabs so you have to know how to quickly solder the wires on cells. Also, you have to carefully prep the surface and scuff it so you get to bare metal then tin the surface.

You can also buy shrink for $1 a foot (95 mm) to cover the pack.

You need to glue the cells together and tin the cells with solder before soldering. I use CA with Accelerator to glue them together.

After tinning you solder the leads on as per the picture wiring diagram. I slide on some shrink tubing to further protect wire leads. Once everything is soldered use fiberglass tape or 3M cross weave fiberglass tape to position the wires and help with stress relief. I finish off the pack with 95 to 100 mm heat shrink with the shrink covering the ends of the cells and solder joints.

The pictures describe the wiring harness. I always add a Deans connector if the Cellpro 4S is missing its...Continue Reading
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I thought I would start a thread in my blog for modifying the Carbon Z Cub. The Carbon Z Cub is produced by E Flite and its design team was lead by Quique Somenzini. He left Horizon Hobbies at the end of October 2013. I believe this was the last plane he designed for Horizon Hobbies

Below is from his Wikepedia page:
Quique Somenzini is a professional radio controlled aircraft pilot and designer, owner of model manufacturer QuiQue's Aircraft Company and the 2007 FAI world champion.

A native of Rio Cuarto, Argentina, Somenzini has the distinction of being the youngest competitor in the history of the FAI championships, flying in competition in 1979 at the age of twelve. His father, Mario, is a former champion as well and introduced Somenzini to the hobby of model aircraft flight at the age of nine.

The Carbon Z Cub is the largest production foam airplane. It is a 20% scale RC aircraft.

Product Description

Key Features
  • Easy-to-complete final assembly
  • Quique Somenzini design and attention to details
  • Exceptionally strong, easy to repair, Carbon-Z® construction
  • 5-channel control including functional flaps
  • E-flite® 60-Amp Pro Switch-Mode BEC Brushless ESC included
  • Digital servo control including operational flaps installed
  • Pre-hinged control surfaces with control links installed
  • Plug-in wings and stabilizers
  • High-grade socket-head hardware use throughout
  • Hatch covers provide easy access and a wide range of battery options
  • Included 3 meter
...Continue Reading
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Introduction allows you to create animated gif images online freely and easily, no registration required.

Regardless of whether you are a professional designer, photographer or simply an amateur, is designed for you, just take photos with your digital camera or mobile phone, touch up them with Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, Ribbet, Pixlr or other photo editing software, then compose them into GIF animations with!

In addition, you can play a gif backward and save it as a new one, resize an existing gif, or split a gif into separate pictures.

This gif creator works on Windows, Mac and Linux, the only thing you need is a Web browser with flash player installed.

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Bought a Eflite Splendor from Horizon for $269.99 which include 10% off and free shipping.
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John Redman AR635 programming How To - Programming Your Spektrum AR635
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Finished wing bags and covers for vertical and horizontal stab.
  • $23 a roll for 24” wide. Reflectix 3/16” thick. 25 feet long.
  • 22.25” wide by 94” piece for each wing bag.
  • Regular sewing machine with straight stitch and longest stitch.
  • Thread was simple, everyday mending thread.
  • Woodpecker is used to puncture the bubble wrap that's sandwiched between the foil. Woodpecker is used over carpet or cutting board. Do both sides twice and inboard enough to allow insulation material to fit under the shoe.
    EDIT: An alternative to the Woodpecker is simple and perhaps more effective. A Steam Iron set to max temp (I.e., linen) will flatten the edges and make sewing even easier. You must use bakers paper or parchment between the Reflectix and Iron to preventing melting the plastic and sticking to the hot plate or shoe of the Iron. Certain brands of the aluminized bubble wrap will permanently bond together if an Iron is used at max temp. The Reflectix brand does not fuse together permanently. It does stick together but separates like masking tape.
  • Don't forget Sewing 101 and to properly engage the bobbin thread with needle thread. And, lock the stitch by going back and forth using the reverse switch on the sewing machine. Never used a sewing machine just google the make and model in Youtube and there will be endless how to videos.
  • Must push and pull through sewing machine.
The inspiration video for making the bags is courtesy of estrickland1.
How to Make a Wing Bag, wing cover. (23 min 19 sec)(23 min 19 sec)
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UPDATE 2/23/14
Ordered and received Kavan 6" inflatable wheels and tires (PN 0266) from Sig Mfg. They are lighter than stock. A small brass fitting comes with it that you screw in to inflate. I will fly them as received. With a 5 mm axles on the CZC the smaller of the delrin inserts (3/16") have to drilled out with 13/64" (.203) drill.

Ordered and received an Eflite 2.5" aluminum spinner (EFLSP250) that replaces the plastic one. It's a bit pricey at $26 but it looks cool. It comes with 5mm and 6mm size collet adapter. The long screw is a English sized hex head.

Ordered a Power 60 470 KV motor as a spare from Horizon. Stock motor is an unspecified 50 size that it be tasked to work on the upper end of its capabilities. Priced at $109 and free shipping I am OK with having known quality motor to install. It should pull 250 more watts using a more aggressive prop.

UPDATE 1-26-14
With snow and cold I decided to work on installing the Talon 90 in the Carbon Z Cub. It requires opening up the original ESC location to make sure air with flow above and below the rather large 90 amp Talon ESC. The ESC comes with male adapters you solder to the motor leads. I run Deans style for battery connection.

Do you really need a 90 AMP esc? No, but if I want to over prop on pitch I won't have to worry about much other than toasting the motor. The ESC will have plenty of headroom. And, if I opt to do what I normally do and put...Continue Reading
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After 18 years the club decided to repave the runway. Not only was it repaved it was lengthened 115 feet to 500 feet and widened 5 feet to 39 feet..

Below is time lapse video put together by Rick Reynolds with pictures also taken by Robert Keyes.

I was the project manager of the repaving. Enjoy.
Runway 2013 Flying Pilgrims (8 min 37 sec)
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OrangeRx R710 DSM2 Compatible receiver
1 x Bind Plug
1) Accepted by the MAAA in Australia, see the MAAA MOP58 for guidance
2) This is not a Spektrum receiver, nor is it a copy of a Spektrum Receiver.
The Spektrum brand is a trademark of Horizon Hobbies USA.
3) Price of this receiver may fluctuate (up or down) due to cost of electronic components.
4) This is not an underground manufactured fake Spektrum receiver. OrangeRx quality is guaranteed.

Chl 1-Throttle
Chl 2-Aileron
Chl 3-Elevator
Chl 4-Rudder
Chl 5-Gear
Chl 6-Flaps
Chl 7-Aux

Below is the Guardian Installation for 4 channel HK Yak55 3D plane.

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Here is my homemade plane restraint. I had plenty of material and TIG welder in my shop so I made this safety restraint for my new Hangar 9 gasser.

The restraint is made of thin wall tubing. The spikes are 12" nails. The beauty of this design is the uprights can be simply lifted and let fall to the side. The pivot holes accept 2.5 inch long by 5/16" both on the bottom and the removable pin on the top that permits pivoting out of the way. Vertical tubing is 7/8" square by .083" wall. the tubing has an open slot on the bottom and captured slow above it tto control the drop to the sides The base is rectangular tubing which I never measured. This was again a piece of material I had laying around in the shop.

The 12" nails have 3/4" square tubing T handles welded to them. They're galvanized with a rather thick coating which made Tig welding problematic in that it was a son of gun to get all the coating ground off.

I painted it with Duplicolor rust preventing zinc chromate primer and then a couple of coats of school bus yellow acrylic enamel.
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NOTE: OPEN UP and scroll down to read about Guardian installation on gasser.

Update: Mid Air Collision Sept. 14, 2013. Plane repair described below. REMAIDENED on Saturday 10-13-13. Plane flew perfectly! No trim required. It is as good as new!

Sept, 14-15 2013 -- Mid air collision with 40% scale during formation flying. This CUB was inverted and flying slow and aft of 1/3 scale CUB. 40% scale CUB pulled up and broke right wing off at the wing tip and 16" inboard. Washout is built in but unknown and Horizon won't tell me because it is proprietary.

Cub Yellow HANU884 Ultracote covering.

Views: 11

Views: 11

Amazingly it was landed with the wing damaged, spar bent, and right side fuselage where wing attaches ripped out.

...Continue Reading