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Posted by 1Ironhorse | Mar 28, 2009 @ 11:27 AM | 6,399 Views
Chapter 1. CONCEPT
The design concept of this model is to create a 1:12 scale remotely controlled accurately detailed model of a US NAVY 1945 PT103 series Elco 80 Ft. Torpedo Patrol Boat. PT-615 was chosen as the prototype*. Although PT-615 was not deployed during WWII, it was completed and put into active duty before the end of the war. It represents the last configuration of the Elco 80’ PT boat design. PT-615 was equipped with three 1500 Hp Packard Marine V-12 engines, all mounted forward and with direct drive for the propeller shafts. Fully outfitted, it weighed in at 61 tons. Armament included two twin .50 cal browning machine guns mounted in machine gun tubs, one 20 mm Orklin Cannon mounted on the forward bow, one 37 mm cannon mounted in front of the cabin, one 40 mm Bofers cannon mounted on the after deck, two 8-tube 5” spin stabilized rocket launchers mounted on either side just forward of the cabin, and 4 Mark 13 torpedoes on roll-off racks, two per side.

See Table 1-1

* I come from the model railroad hobby. The term “Prototype” as used in this instance is the real thing that I am modeling. Thus the prototype is 1:1 scale.