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Posted by Herb | Aug 22, 2010 @ 12:22 PM | 7,297 Views
Two friends at the field (Art and Don) already have one of these, they fly pretty well, the only changes on theirs was the fan and 3x good sized metal gear servos for the retracts.

I got the F/A-18 airframe only (with plastic wemo-copy fan & mechanical retracts).

Built it Thursday and Friday night and flew it twice today (Sunday) .

I use three metal gear Hitec HS81 servos for the retracts & moved the twin elevator servos under the fins.

The mech. retracts on mine seem to work fine so far, after patiently taking care of all the little mechanical adjustments.

I use a separate beefy 800Ah JR receiver battery.

I tossed the included BananaFan (cheap plastic WeMoTec copy) and used a WeMoTec Midi pro instead with a $19 HC B36-55 kv=1800 inrunner motor on 6S 3300's : https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/show...pp=100&page=13

These motors are now on their second year of flying in the Midi...

Mine weighs rtf on 6s 3000's (Turnigy 40C) 77.5 oz = 4.84 lbs = 2.20 kg , with ca. 1600W.

Guy H took these very nice inflight pictures with a Canon 7D. Thanks Guy