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Posted by Ray Hayes | Jun 13, 2010 @ 06:07 AM | 7,517 Views
I have been a modeler all but the first six years of my life, the early start was due to health reasons and I have my Uncle Lenny to thank for getting me started. He was a Boy Scout Leader. I have done my best to promote the hobby over the years and will continue to help keep the building of RC Sailplanes alive and well. All builders love to build woodys as their now called.

One of my most rewarding creations is the LSF Club Co Ordinators program I came up with in 1997 and presented it to the GDSHS club I belonged to in Detroit at the time and to Cal Posthuma of LSF. Today ( 6-13-10 ), scanning the LSF web site, I see the credit I received for my program and now in great use by LSF is no longer given on the LSF web site. Kinda hurts this old guy.

Visit my Sky Bench web site, you will find the wonderful world of RC Sailplanes ... Balsa wood style.

http://www.skybench.com Woodys Forever

Check out the Wood Crafters event reports, see the many different ways to have fun in a group event. Events called "Woody" have sprung up from coast to coast from my Wood Crafters event started in 2002, some stand alone, some included in the format of other contests. Your club can put one on, or you can do it, just like I did. If your club has monthly contests, include a scoring section for Woodies. You will be amazed at how the members that enjoy building their own will return to club activities.

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