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Posted by iron eagle | Feb 11, 2014 @ 12:53 PM | 5,791 Views
Since this is a blog I'll give a bit of background. Back in the 60's when I was first in the hobby I got bit by the speed bug and tried to build a few speed planes without any real success, but it kept me occupied.
Fast forward to today and once again I am trying to build a speed plane. A real leg up for me is the new electric power systems. In the old days the hardest part for me was to keep from destroying engines, proper tuning of high performance glow engines is something that always eluded me and often resulted in paper weights or shrapnel, hence the comment about electrics.
This is my third attempt in the past several years of trying to build a real speed plane. Keep in mind I am nothing but an amateur designer and a barley proficient builder so it a real stretch for me to think I can really do it. My design work is mostly TLAR and SWAG with as little math involved as possible.
This design is an update of my Stingray (the plane pictured in my avatar) so hence the MKII name for it.
So here is the blog of the design and build of the Stingray MKII. While the Stingray flew fairly well it had several "issues". It had some control response issues as well as being woefully underpowered and hopefully this time I have a much better idea of what I am doing so this one will be a bit more successful.
As far as the control issues I did not like the limitations imposed by using elevons so in this version the elevator and ailerons will be separate surfaces...Continue Reading