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Posted by The Enemy | Dec 24, 2012 @ 02:51 PM | 3,103 Views
Well, I've gone and bought a quad... Call me crazy, but there's this thing in me that needs to get one and try the quad fpv/av thing. Having a heck of a time getting the thing set up. But with any luck the great folks here on RCG will know how to direct me. (as they have all done in the past)

Maybe soon I'll have some video to share and some time in the air with her. Updates to follow!

Posted by The Enemy | Mar 16, 2007 @ 07:44 PM | 4,139 Views
Well, unfortunately my poor jet got the best of me in a new park I was trying out. It was cold (-24*C), my onboard camera was being finniky and a tree got in the way. You know how it is.
As soon as I get time the SU-27 will get a makeover as an SU-37 with roll+elevation mixed canards. Maybe some Canada decals just to be out of sync with things. LOL

So I got this heli. (Pics later.) A HeliMax MX400.
I always wanted a helicopter but could never afford it, and since early Jan. I had been saving... I knew I didn't want something compromised, 4 in 1 boxes and extra motors to drive tail rotors are cheats that I didn't appreciate. Anyway, this thing is amazing! I don't quite sure know how long it takes the average person basic hovering, but about the second 1500mAh pack (6-7min) was all it took to get out of ground effect and be in full control for me. The real question is, how am I going to adapt to tail out hover? So far personal attempts were shaky at best.

Still, what a thrill to fly!!!

NME -Out.
Posted by The Enemy | Jan 01, 2007 @ 11:35 AM | 4,551 Views
So this is my BLOG... I never had one before, and since getting this one ages ago I've still not really been interested in putting anything in it. Heck, in the name of efficiency I'll probably end up deleting this entry anyway. (or at least modifying it lol)

Well, hello and welcome to all who visit here. Happy New Year too. Here's a pic of my latest addition to my fleet. We've been getting out to the park for some time now (over a month) and we really get along. She's fast, stable and really looks the part. The other park-goers are quite impressed with this one too. She's an Ultrafly SU-27 powered with a Himax 2015-5400 5.3:1 8x6 CC25 and 3S 1500mAh. At a little over 22oz she still goes vertical anytime. But by far my favorite thing about flying her is the grass trimming 45+ mph low passes. Our only issue is torque... not on launch but in exiting 'cobra manouvers' she twists wildly causing her to end up inverted afterward. Looks cool to the casual onlooker, but it still isn't completing it correctly. Since she is a prop plane, and I really really like my vertical performance I hesitate to put a smaller prop on with faster gearing to correct it. But as my only gripe about the way she flies it sure says a lot.