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Posted by pommie | May 11, 2013 @ 08:51 AM | 2,845 Views
just maidened the tiger moth last week flys great

freebie from Hondajet before he left to go to Broome (Thanks Louis)

and just waiting for a motor for the grasshoper

been buy buying more action figures my wife calls the dolls

happy flying
Posted by pommie | Mar 01, 2013 @ 03:25 AM | 2,932 Views
A quick cheeky sell

have a look here at my wifes blog.( nothing at all about rc planes )


she even got a ebook she had written and its cheaper than a take away coffee $2.99 so if you wanna have a squizz feel free no hard sell here
Posted by pommie | Apr 26, 2011 @ 12:23 AM | 4,046 Views
Here is my old faithful Citabria

i have recently fitted flaps/ steerable tail wheel to this bird after seeing the multiplex funcub (which i wanted straight away after seing the videos) but being in NZ they are quite scarce, so i thought i would give it a go with this bird, but i think i need a bigger motor as the one on it at the moment 2410-9 104w isn't up to the task with the extra weight ? it now weighs 642grams ( thats with a 1600mah 3s lipo all ready to go )
have flown it a few months ago and it didnt seem to pull very well ? so i was thinking about getting a towerpro 2409-12t 200w as we had them on our hobbyzone supercubs and they went well apart from the weak shafts they were a great cheap motor.

its fitted with 2 spektrum micro servos for the elavator/rudder 2xhxt900 for the ailerons and 1hxt900 for the flaps, i am using a orange receiver and dx7. just waiting for my new charger to arrive so i can test it out with bigger props before i go for the motor swap. and its also got a gws pico moth cowl to tidy the front up a little.
this is the first plane i have had fitted with flaps and are not sure how they will go, i think i will need to mix in some down elevator when on stage 2 but not sure how much ? its a trail and error thing i think

anyway if anyone got any ideas or tips for me feel free to post a coment as advice or criticism allways welcomed
Posted by pommie | Apr 06, 2011 @ 07:26 PM | 7,623 Views
i got this off a guy in Perth Oz for $120 and its just about a PNP he built it but never flew it he also fitted the tail wheen to the rudder to help with taxiing on the ground (which i don't like and may come off ?) it looked a little shinney for me so i tried to give it a old weathered look much to the wifes pleading i like it all shiney)but having no airbrush skills or airbrush i just used a mixture of paints and brushed i had lying about, i think i went to far but what the heck you wont see it up there !

thats if i ever get it flying as i seen to get these model keep them a while and re sell them on when i am bored so fingers crossed i will have a bash at this one, at least i got it from perth to oamaru intact
Posted by pommie | Apr 06, 2011 @ 07:18 PM | 7,660 Views
My New Fms mini warbird

well here is my newest addition to my fleet a hobbyking purchased Me109 all stock flying it on 2s with a orange hobbycity receiver on my dx7 and it flys great took the landing gear off ( just clips off) to hand launch and belly land did a a little paining on the nose and wing tips to make it different from the norm but my 1/6 scale Luftwaffe pilot wont fit ...lol
i have just brought it back from OZ to NZ via the cargo hold ( with my dr1 )and its stil in one piece so thanks baggage handler guys need a charger now as sold mine before i went away with the intentions of picking one up in Oz.
Posted by pommie | Sep 07, 2010 @ 08:09 PM | 3,933 Views
well i have finally got another GWS slows stick

after having one of these a few years back (yellow version) i have got another one for pottering about with, i am wanting to use this to put my keychain camera on as it seens like a nice stable plane to use the camera with

all up inc battery it weights a porky (with a 1600mah 3s lipo) and without battery
i am using a towerpro 2410-09 18amp esc 10x4.7 sf prop
2x hxt 900 servos
i put one more carbon rod in the middle with the old v shape ali joiner as my last wing folded before i did this mod
havent maidened this yet as winds are gusty at mo but hopefully at the weekend i will
i should have used white spray on the white bits but i ended up brush painting with some old white paint i had around, not the best effort but hey you dont see it when its above you

just stuck the keychain camera on a tower type mount to see if i can stop the videos looking like the are filmed underwater ( i get wavey lines on the video) and it looks terrible when the prop is in the video so this way its up high but i am still getting waves ? anyone got any good ideas for placing the key chain camera on this bird ?