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Posted by tking2097 | Dec 13, 2010 @ 03:18 PM | 5,181 Views
Yes, it themals - A Great Day Flying the Pro!!

We had a really nice break in the weather today, so I took the Radian Pro out to the field and had 3 hours and 15 minutes of quality time with it! A few key tidbits are included below for a quick report.

Temperature: 65F-67F
Winds: 7-15mph, very choppy, at times just ugly

Bat Time Description
1. 23:03 stock Radian Pro battery. Ran it until the ESC cutoff.
2. 26:09 2100mAh 35C Flightmax (flew with Eagle Tree GPS unit)
3. 37:52 2100mAh 35C Flightmax
4. 38:07 2100mAh 35C Flightmax

Key Flight Stats
total airborne time: 02:07:07
Maximum Speed Measured: 39.93mph / 64.3kph
Average Speed: 10.8mph / 17.4kph*
Maximum Altitude Flown: 807 feet / 246m
*high wind speeds slewed the avg speed numbers up!

On the first flight I hooked a decent thermal for about 4 minutes and had to fly out of it twice to avoid losing sight of the Pro! After the 1st battery, clouds came in, thermals moved out, and winds picked up.

For the second flight I remembered I had the Eagle Tree GPS and Data Logger, so I put them to work. Two graphs and the 3D flight path plotted on Google Earth are attached.

I very hastily landed the Pro towards the end of the third battery pack when I heard the sounds of actual warbird engines and saw a formation of 3 World War II planes heading towards the field! I identified the largest in the formation as a B-17! The other two appeared to be trainer or small single engine fighters. What a sweet sound and...Continue Reading