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Posted by tking2097 | Sep 22, 2010 @ 09:42 PM | 4,320 Views
Clarence Taylor’s legendary creation - the Taylorcraft. I purchased this beauty a couple of years ago from a local RC pilot for a song. I generally don't buy used, but the price was too good to pass up, and the Taylorcraft is a great match for my nearby park flying field! The Taylorcraft did have one nasty accident with the previous owner, but I was aware of this and decided that replacing the fuselage would be appropriate to eliminate the damage and put the TC is pristine, new condition.

The new airframe has been installed, so the Taylorcraft is now ready to be re-maidened as soon as the weather cooperates.

Specs for the E-Flite Taylorcraft 450:
Wingspan: 46 in (1170mm)
Length: 36 in (915mm)
Wing Area: 370 sq in (23.87 sq dm)
Weight w/o Battery: 29–31 oz (680–740 g)
Weight w/ Battery: 24–26 oz (820–880 g), 2200mAh HC 20C MaxFlight

Power options:
Motor: E-Flite Park 450 Brushless Outrunner Motor, 890Kv
(E-Flite's Sport Outrunner recommendation)
Prop: Master Airscrew 10 x 8 electric
ESC: Turnigy 40 Amp

I chose the Park 450 Brushless Outrunner Motor since I prefer to fly this plane scale, and the Park 450 is very adequate in this capacity. The wheels are Dubro 2-1/2" Diamond Lite WheelsE-Flite suggests 1-1/2" wheels, but the 2-1/2" size is much better suited to the grass field at the park.

I will add a brief update as soon as the weather permits the re-maiden of the Taylorcraft.

Re-maiden Report - Tragic Incident Reported!

I am sorry to report a tragic incident occurred during the remaiden of the Taylorcraft:

The Taylorcraft suffered a mid-air collision with an F4U Corsair flying out of the joint military and civilian Trinity Airfield. The collision severed the left wing of the Taylorcraft, which subsequently crashed and burned, resulting in the total loss of the aircraft. It is uncertain at this time whether the pilot survived the crash.

The F4U Corsair involved in the mid-air incident safely returned to the airfield without major damage. A military board will be convened to review the incident.
Posted by tking2097 | Sep 15, 2010 @ 02:06 AM | 5,748 Views
The T-28 Trojan remains my all-time favorite plane for park flying, and has logged nearly 400 flights to date. Given the popularity of this plane in the hangar, I decided it is time to provide it's pilot, Lt. Bob "Bash" Trojan, with some well-deserved upgrades:

1. Open Canopy - Lt. Trojan can now cool down on the hot tarmac!
2. Working flaps with servo slow-down control (Hobby City, Turnigy).
3. Red and white prop stripes added to standard 2-blade prop.
4. Authentic new decals made and added: Cowl numbers, left & right sides, "Buzz" numbers on the bottom side of the flaps, Pilot's Call-sign added below canopy frame on both sides.
5. Existing decals on the tail and below replaced with new, better quality water-slide decals, including more authentic 4 digit tail number (vs. original 3 digit), Location ("E"), and build number info below the horizontal stabilizer.
6. Pilot Head swivel mod added by placing a servo slaved to the rudder within the pilot's body. The pilot now looks around while he is on the job!
7. Original Lighting upgrade package (my own PIC16F84 microprocessor version) still remains fully functional. Lights include red and green wingtip navlights with white strobes, white body strobe, red beacon body strobe, and functional landing light.

Current Power Specs:
Motor - Turnigy 3536C 1100kv brushless
40 Amp ESC, with 3 amp BEC

Spektrum DX7 transmitter & AR6100 receiver controlled.
Lights - PIC16F84 microprocessor design. Landing gear light switches on with gear switch, and low or idle throttle setting.

Video showing lights, flaps and pilot's moving head can be viewed here:

Parkzone T-28 Upgrades (1 min 11 sec)

With all these new upgrades, let's get it flying Lt. Trojan!