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Posted by tking2097 | Feb 07, 2010 @ 12:06 PM | 19,244 Views
Hobby City now has a small servo speed and direction regulator circuit for about $7.50USD. This is the perfect device to add realism to flap and landing gear operation of RC aircraft. At this price, the addition of realistic flap and landing gear operations for RC aircraft is a real "no-brainer"!

The device takes 1 channel from your receiver as input (usually flaps or gear), and provides 3 identical slow-speed outputs for servos, CH1, CH2 and CH3. The servo speed for all 3 outputs is adjustable for each direction of servo movement. So it is possible to have flaps retract faster than they deploy, for example. The CH3 servo output direction is reversible.


Input: Single channel from receiver, usually Flaps or Landing Gear.

Outputs: 3 slow speed servo outputs, CH1, CH2 and CH3.
CH3 servo direction is reversible.

Independent servo speed adjustment for each direction of servo travel.
(SW1 sets Direction A speed adjust, SW2 sets Direction B speed adjust).

Regulator adjustments

SW1: Sets servo direction A speed for all 3 servo outputs, CH1, CH2 and CH3.
SW2: Sets servo direction B speed for all 3 servo outputs, CH1, CH2 and CH3.
SW3: Sets Normal or Reverses direction for CH3 output ONLY.

Note that the device does not provide for servo end-point adjustments. So if you wish to use your transmitter to adjust individual endpoints for 2 flap servos, for example, you need to use two regulator devices, one for each servo.

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