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Posted by Jurgen Heilig | Dec 10, 2007 @ 02:59 PM | 60,411 Views
On 9th December 2007, the second round of the NL F3P Championship took place in Loon op Zand. As four members of the German Indoor Team were invited to perform some show flying "Wall-Halla style" (and to compete of course), I went there as well. It was worth the trip, because we all had a great day. A big thank you to Job Verkerke for having the DMFV Indoor Team as guests in your house from Saturday to Sunday.

Video Clips (Ladies first ):


More clips:


"Wall-Halla" Demo flight:


Here are the results of the competition:


1 Horn; Dennis 751.6667 (R1:350.6667) R2:380.6667 R3:371.0000
2 Vecht, van der; Derk 741.3333 (R1:358.0000) R2:370.0000 R3:371.3333
3 Müller; Martin 735.6667 (R1:349.3333) R2:366.0000 R3:369.6667
4 Vecht, van der; Bert 710.0000 (R1:337.3333) R2:350.0000 R3:360.0000
5 Zolitsch; Markus 690.6667 (R1:316.6667) R2:341.6667 R3:349.0000
6 Verkerke; Job 666.0000 R1:327.6667 (R2:320.6667) R3:338.3333
7 Gog, van; Jeroen 657.6667 R1:327.6667 (R2:326.0000) R3:330.0000
8 Bodenröder; Kai 650.3333 (R1:298.3333) R2:331.6667 R3:318.6667
9 Peters; Werner 584.3333 R1:273.6667 R2:310.6667 (...Continue Reading