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Posted by Jurgen Heilig | Jun 03, 2007 @ 03:33 PM | 43,427 Views
I bought a US Spektrum DX7 to gain some practical 2.4GHz experience, only to find out, that the radio does not seem to comply with European Regulations (despite carrying the CE symbol, the peak output is way too high).

So when the Futaba T6EX 2.4GHz became available, I bought this radio and put it into a model to compete in Fun Flying Racing (FFR) - Open Class. With my standard 35MHz radio, I always had to ensure not to point the tx antenna towards the model, while the rx antenna was shielded by the drive system (Battery, ESC, motor plus cables) - quite a nuisance during racing.

RC has never been so easy. Completely troublefree with 2.4GHz and I even have the results to prove it. First place on 20th May 2007 at Menzelen, Third place 03rd June 2007 in Münster (Despite coming third, I still had the fastest FunJet - only beaten by a ProJeti - with the same drive system - and a superfast Micro-Jet).