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Posted by Jurgen Heilig | Jun 29, 2006 @ 04:14 PM | 37,528 Views
Painted and with decor, my FunJET weighs now exactly 567g RTF (that's exactly 20oz). Strong wind or no wind - the FunJET really is fun to fly.

Posted by Jurgen Heilig | Jun 29, 2006 @ 04:05 PM | 35,156 Views
Even the cat got excited.

Posted by Jurgen Heilig | Jun 24, 2006 @ 03:47 AM | 35,156 Views
Almost three years ago, I started a thread series which is probably the longest in RCGroups history:


I was still flying the original model until yesterday, when I put the brushless combo in, which I had recommended a few times before.

The maiden flight with this drive combo was filmed by James Frolik, and by coinsidence the "most highly modified" Easy Star was also at the field. Enyoy the videos:



Posted by Jurgen Heilig | Jun 17, 2006 @ 05:44 AM | 34,853 Views
While working on my hot "Outdoor-FunJET", I thought I give my Indoor-/Parkfly-FJ a new color. The bright Neon color only added 4g in weight.
I am now looking for some "tribal wings" to add - or some biohazard or radioactive symbols.