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Posted by jfetter | Mar 25, 2010 @ 03:21 PM | 13,861 Views
This is my lastest jet (EDF), different for me as I'm not much into scale, or at least wasn't before. This jet is a stunner, for a 50 year-old bird the lines are sweet and the colors are just amazing. I built this one as a twin build along with a buddy who also got a Fury, just in different colors. Both of us spent about 50 hours building each one and they went together pretty straight forward. The BVM Fury is an ARF, it comes with all of the major structural work done, the work left for you can be tedious at times but is rewarding.

The one thing about scale is he sheer amount of detail, the BVM is no exception, it comes with some 50 stickers pre-applied indicating fuel probe, step, no step, access panel, etc and a weathered finish where panel lines and rivets would be. This is alll done at the factory and quite well at that, the attention to detail is quite surprising in fact. Factory BVM Air Blue gear with the 90 degree rotating front wheel were used, they are rock solid and very well made with turned alumium wheels and solid rubber tires. This one is now my new favorite!