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Posted by jfetter | Oct 16, 2009 @ 04:49 PM | 15,248 Views
I've entered the world of larger and faster EDF's now! I'm really surprised myself as for years and years I've been telling friends "nah, I'm happy with my prop planes". I've been mostly flying larger 12S setups and love the power but until recently haden't give too much consideration about going fast. One day I was in my LHS and all of a sudden I started thinking jet! Having a BVM rep and flying god at my LHS made it easy which one to go with too, BVM of course!

Now I've heard some say too expensive and this and that are just as good. Let me tell you, when you get your hands on an Electra (or a Bandit like I just added) and open that box, no way, nothing like a BVM! I looked at the Spark but I wanted a bigger EDF, the Electra is 60", that's 12" more than the Spark and it's built and finished nicer. Add to that an EDF unit (VioFan 5612) that's designed for the huge intakes and the Electra is just too well designed not to choose it.

I never realized there was brand loyalty in this hobby until I got into jets, seems everyone wants to tell you what to do with your money. Buy BVM and you hear how you're throwing money away and wow you must be dumb but I suspect when you can't afford something, that's how you justify it. I'm not saying you have to choose BVM either but there's really no denying the consistent quality and sheer performance of their stuff.

I am lucky enough to have one of BVM's best pilots (maybe best period) in my back yard and LHS, I'...Continue Reading