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Posted by jfetter | Dec 12, 2008 @ 05:56 PM | 18,213 Views
I was thinking about some smaller sized planes to fly for days when I can't take the time time to drag everything out to the field or in cases like this weekend, where the field is closed because of a huge event. I saw the Great Planes Reactor Bipe 30e in an advertisement and bam, I thought "that's the one!". What a great looking little plane, design, colors, size, very nice looking.

I ended up ordering one along with a Hacker A30 16M and Jeti Spin 33 for the power system. I have to say this may be the best built, nicest fitting assembly, cleanest lines and tight finish I've ever seen on an ARF! The attention to detail with magnets pre-installed for the battery hatch and cowl (neat idea!) along with the very slick wheel pant mounting system made this plane a dream to assemble.

The manual (which BTW is full-featured, detailed and accurate) was easy to follow and even though assmebly time was supposed to be 6 hours, took a bit longer, something like 8 to 8.5 hours. I can't think if a single thing they could have done better with this ARF and that says a lot. This is an absolute winner, I highly suggest this ARF to anyone looking for a small-to-mid-sized electric, the quality can't be beat...