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Posted by jfetter | Oct 27, 2008 @ 03:07 PM | 16,582 Views
For my first Blog entry I decided to talk about my experience with my new HD camcorder. My old camcorder wasn't bad but I had the thing for 10 years and even though it was the first mega-pixel mini DV camcorder on the market (Sony PCV-100), it was dated. Besides, with the new HD recorders coming down so much in price, now is as good a time to buy one as any.

I decided on the Sony HDR-SR12, mainly because of the features. It supports 1080i and records to a pretty large hard drive (120GB) capable of supporting hundreds of hours of video. It also takes still shots @ 10.2 mega pixels, even while recording video, not a bad feature. The one extra feature it offers that I thought might be cool for shooting planes in flight is the 4 seconds it can record @ 120 FPS, which played back at normal speed would look like super slow motion with a full 30 FPS.

As for editing, I've been using Pinnacle Studio for close to 7 years, I upgraded to Studio 12 recently for better Vista support bt otherwise it's always been solid. Editing HD footage is a little easier than mini DV because there is no import function, you just drag the AVCHD file form the camera's hard drive to your local drive and start editing, the format is understood natively by Studio. This saves considerable time as copying the file is a few minutes while importing it could take over an hour.

My first project came out OK, it was footagle of a friend flying his Ultra Bandit but the overcast conditions combined with the late filming (it was close to 6:00 PM) made even the HD footage a little grainy. Still impressve though so I took some of the best runs and edited them into a "teaser" video. I came up with the idea of using my kid to do a few voice overs and put the entire thing together in Studio in about 2 hours, enjoy!

Got Jet? (High), Windows Media, Standard Definition, 7MB
Got Jet? (HD 720), Windows Media, High Definition, 40MB