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Posted by Zamfir | Feb 23, 2010 @ 01:25 AM | 2,907 Views
Ok So I have been having a blast with outrunner motors. I have found there are a lot of manufacturers that have great motors. I found the key to my hapiness is finding the right motor for the right plane. I am always up for experimenting. Right now I have a Scorpion 4020-14 in an Sbach 55 running on 6 cells 3600mah and a 16x10 prop was crazy. totally ballistic power. There are a lot of people -that have the extra money--that say neu inrunners with a gearbox is the absolute best way to go. I am lucky enough to have a Bro lend me a neu 1509/2.5D/s/6.7 to try out in this same bird.

The Scorpion is 1500W and the neu is 1500W. The weight is about the same so I thought I would give it a whirl so I can see for myself what the hubub is all about.
Posted by Zamfir | Dec 14, 2009 @ 12:53 AM | 3,012 Views
Well, I guess I should take advantage of this section at some point so here is a try to see what it does. I fly mostly 3d profiles due to their great agillity. I also fly DLG, Slope, Slope Combat, and DS. Everything is electric or no motor at all.

Current fleet:
kalteisen EPP Extra 260
Skeeter 30
Sketer 36
PA Addiction
OMP 47 Pro Yak
Diablo II foamy
Custom built Kevlar and carbon DLG built by Nat Ledbetter Drella airfoil (who else?)
2 Preditor Bees
JW 60"
Custom Wesal with a rudder or Fesal
Carbon Blade V tail
EPP R3D mini
scratch built EPP biplane similar to the Tensor
PA Mini Katana
Speed Wings micro
Speed Wings Mini
Micro 4-site
Primo 15

On the Bench:
Lam Yak

I have recenty left my 13 year position in R&D at Advanced Energy to work in Global Support on the Solaron product line. Now instead of playing with power supplies that are primarly used in the thin film industry making plasma I get to help folks harness the suns energy. The smallest inverter I work with is 250KW and they go up to 500KW at the moment and soon to be released 1MW. Single engine higest efficency and higest power density inverters in their class in the world. It has been a good change and a fresh breath in my carrear. I enjoy designing electric systems for RC birds. Soo many options and a lot of fun. I have a thrust stand, watt meter and FLIR camera to play with.