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Posted by USMC & Viking | Jan 18, 2010 @ 01:24 PM | 3,217 Views
God bless my little "TC" aka "top cat",
My little "TC" passed away Sunday Jan. 17,2010
He found us by showing up one day in the Summer of 2009
He was just a tiny Little guy who just wanted a good home and someone to love him, and we did.

He use to climb on top of my shoulder and my Wife and just sit there, and thats how he got his name, "TC" aka "Top Cat" he has and will always be missed.

He use to open the door to my Office and let himself in and jump in my lap
then crawl to my shoulder, some times he would just open the door and use the littler box which I kept for him & Little Jack...!

I Love you "TC", I Love you Very Much...!

Daddy cries for you, I'd give anything to have you back.
We will never Forget the Love you gave us.


David & Lucia Rodriquez
Viking & Little Jack...!
Posted by USMC & Viking | Dec 19, 2007 @ 12:33 AM | 4,005 Views
Born May 5th 2000
in Madera , Calif.

Viking was a Gift from a local Breeder, & K-9 Officer's Family
He has been by my side ever since I brought Him Home.

when he was a baby he took his bath in a 5 gal. bucket.
now, he weights 150 lbs and uses the Tub.

I cant walk out the Door with out "Him", He is my Son!