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Posted by BRIT_BULLDOG | Sep 30, 2009 @ 07:12 AM | 4,625 Views
Kyosho Extra 330SC build

Day 1

I noticed that the Transmitter now has a conventional slider for the throttle, on previous AD minium sets both pots previously were on a spring.
This means that they must be sold as mode 1 or 2 sets. This should please those stalwarts who prefer a more normal feeling TX but it does mean you have to be careful not to mix up mode 1 and mode 2 when selling to different customers.

The sticks are in the battery compartment and need to be simply pushed into the holes on the TX gimbals. I wondered if they might ever fall out and whether the earlier AD TX was just pushed in as they came already assembled. I need not have worried as they fitted good and solid.

The manual shows the need to assemble the servos to the fixing mounts but the sample I had was already fitted. The same applied to the RX brick. The servos all have a fitted horn with 4 ball ends.
I quickly plugged all servos and motor into Rx and a found some very small adjustments needed, instead of moving horns. I made 2 or 3 clicks on the trim to square the horns up.
Once this was done it showed the need to cut away the non required fixing balls from the horns, as every one was different depending on where the servo went I choose to leave this for now in case I trimmed wrong balls oops!!

I took the wing set out to find the ailerons were already fitted but quite badly, one was hitting the solid wing structure as the aileron was too far too one side, I found it was only...Continue Reading