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Posted by giuseppi | Jul 13, 2012 @ 09:40 PM | 4,983 Views
This is what I'm working on currently. The Shrimp, a 27" WS Free Flight Model, designed in 1949 by Jack Florenzie for CO2 or .020 IC motor. K&B had recently introduced their Infant Torpedo .020. This model was featured on the March 1949 cover of Model Airplane News sporting their new motor. If you look at the cover close-up notice the decal near the right wing tip. You can just make out that it reads Torpedo.

This copy of the plan, gotten from the Hip Pocket Aeronautics website, is for a 21-1/2" version which I'm re-designing as a rubber free flight model. I should call the thing Scraps or Scrappy as that's what its been built from. The wheels are Dollar Tree Foam shaped to mimic balloon tires found on Old Timers. The gray hubs are discs cut from a roll of duct tape. The wheel keepers are beads salvaged from girlfriends jewelry she no longer wore. The windshield came from the neighbors recycle tote, a clear plastic container from the grocery store.

The wingtips, horizontal and vertical stabs are bamboo, split from skewers, soaked in water, formed around straight pins pushed through the plans into the building board.

Instead of a full wing rib at every section every other rib is a riblet, except the last three nearest the tips. One reason, to save weight- the other, not enough balsa on hand.

The 27" plan can be had from Outerzone or here at RCG from the Pre 1960 Vintage and Old Timer Plans Thread.

Well, I reckon that's about it for now.