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Posted by gottaflyrc | Mar 26, 2010 @ 01:45 AM | 7,260 Views
The following was my responce to someone telling me they got a much higher price for the same glider I was selling when they sold it on ebay.

"Glad for you but I paid much less than that for the glider and unlike some I'm happy to pass the savings on to others. No need to be greedy.
Here I have a buyer who will have a nice ship at a good price and will be all the more thrilled with it everytime he goes out to fly.
Remember people it's a hobby and that means it's all about fun. So spread the fun.
Take a kid out to the slope and let them have a crack at the controls, then check out the smiles on their faces.
That's worth so much more than a few bucks"

Let's not forget what this hobby is all about.