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Archive for March, 2009
Posted by phil alvirez | Mar 07, 2009 @ 12:13 PM | 18,313 Views
26 aug 2016
life is not a 100 meters race: it is a marathon!

26 aug 2016
winner is not that who wins a game or a race.
winner is that who never gets discouraged.

23 feb 2016
life is 1 of the things that wear out-even if you don't use it

22 jan 2016
through all my life, i always have been amazed of the tremendous effort humans put trying to make my life miserable.
and how miserably they have failed!

11 jan 2016
tomorrow begins today

2 dec 2015
we will be disapointed if we fail;
but we will be doomed if we don't try.

8 nov 2015
we will never be able to reach the right conclusion if we judge by exceptions

10 sep 2015
giants have their heads in the clouds
and their feet on the ground

10 sep 2015
just a thought:
thanks for the fire inside me‏
thanks God for giving me the fire that makes me see life as worth living and enjoying it.
for giving me that love for everything about the air and beautiful things. the fire that burns inside me for painting.
it is more than passion.

6 jul 2015
regarding falling:
getting upset or discouraged if you fall is not the right attitude. after all, life is just a series of falls. the only thing that matters is that you stand after every fall.

31 mar 2015
the paradox of time
the thing with time is that, whenever you are enjoying something, it flies.
but when you are going through a hard time, or...Continue Reading