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Posted by MiQ27 | Jul 26, 2014 @ 05:24 PM | 2,648 Views
Today was the second day of the operation "Mode change".
Again a good tool was invaluable, this time it was a very sharp Olfa utility knife.
I cut both connectors in half, separating the "analog" (potentiometer) and "digital" (trim buttons) wires.
As the connector has 2mm raster and quite thin walls, a precise cut was needed.
The rest was simple - I swapped the halves, then soldered to the opposite PCB.
That way the directions of the sticks and trims were preserved, because all 4 stick boards are the same, not mirrored. So one cannot just solder it "as is" because it will revert the sticks and trims.

Everything is working as expected, and only sign of the mod are the throttle and elevator trims displayed on the wrong sides of the screen.

I think, the same procedure will work for Spektrum DX7 and other mode-locked JR-made transmitters.
Posted by MiQ27 | Jul 24, 2014 @ 05:57 PM | 2,472 Views

Few days ago I received a package from the other side of the pond.
Inside was a transmitter, bought here for a very good price.
Actually I wanted a broken Tx, instead got a good one. Love this forum

Anyway, I unpacked a very nice and shiny XP7202.
American version, so 72MHz, illegal here, and I wanted to mod it to 2.4 anyway.
I already ordered a FrSky DHT module from HK, but the package is going 7 weeks and still not arrived...

Yesterday I removed the whole HF part and then suddenly realised - it's a Mode 2 Tx.
Okay, I can change it. Or so I thought.
Quick search, service mode etc - well, everyone says it's not user-changeable.
In theory, at least...
Btw, my very old x-347 has 4 modes to select, it makes me wonder why JR didn't put this in the software in such relatively new radio...

Then I found some "success stories".
Some people swapped the little PCBs with the pots and trims. Then the swapped channels worked "backward".
Some people cut some of the wires and so changed the directions.
Better, but lot of work and not a very "clean rework". Unscrewing the gimbals and such...

A good tool is a half the job, some say.
So I went today to my local store and purchased a new desoldering iron.
I disconnected the throttle and elevator sticks almost in a blink of an eye.
Now I have to revert the wires in each connector and solder it to the opposite side.
Should work in the correct direction and with correct trims (on display they will be on the wrong sides but I can live with that...)
And no shrink tubes, cutted wires and other abominations