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Posted by Carlos230023 | Feb 14, 2011 @ 05:12 PM | 5,686 Views
Ill probibally post this somewhere a little more obvious when the build really gets rolling but this will do for now :P. Here is the build log of my Guillow's Supermarine Spitfire kit I bought from hobbycraft for 23 ish. I came as a flat stamped balsa kit designed for display or some prehistoric method of flight called "u-control". basically an elevator, a few lengths of string and a cox .49 engine. Time to bring the old girl into the 21'st century! Ill be using blue arrow D0301 3.1g servos X4 (alierons, rud and ele). the famous (and a personal favorite of mine) 24g Blue wonder brushless motor, swinging a GWS 8040 3 bladed prop (good results with the watt meter on 3s). A turnigy 9g 10 amp ESC. and im very tempted to use the hobbyking $50 900mhz 200Mw Tx & cam (depending on the weight and nose cowl space). Time for some piccys!

Name: IMG_0429.jpg
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Description: The fuse top and bottom runners

Name: IMG_0430.jpg
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Description: my electrics, 6 CH 2.4Ghz HK raido in this bird

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