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Posted by mintie | Sep 20, 2017 @ 03:55 AM | 1,905 Views
Finally got the car all done.Happy as and looks the part.
Now to start the second car. My boy is building it as the Ferrari Santander.
Then we can have a few races around the asphalt courts
Posted by mintie | Sep 16, 2017 @ 02:05 AM | 1,100 Views
A bit of visual progress.
Posted by mintie | Sep 09, 2017 @ 04:25 AM | 1,001 Views
Finally in our new house.Was to be finished by September 29th,but they were 6 weeks ahead,and we moved in early August.
Have a bit of time in the evenings so have been working on my F1 car kit.
Tonight decided to start on the graphics,and this is the result of an hours work.
I have been on the project off and on for a couple of years now,so time to finish.
Still to gloss black the tail wing.
I have had a drive of it while the body was clear,and it is pretty fast.
Posted by mintie | May 03, 2017 @ 02:13 AM | 2,734 Views
Been a while since my last post and a lot has happened.
Not a lot of flying,but lots of other things to report.
We have now had two road trips in our Motorhome since xmas
A few pics of a very good transport museum in Invercargill NZ
Spend a day there on our first trip south
Two floors of bikes,would be close to 2000 all up. Pretty awesome
For those into motorbikes this is the place to visit....Continue Reading
Posted by mintie | Oct 16, 2016 @ 02:45 AM | 2,812 Views
Another weekend away and took the Guppy again.
we did 3 videos this time.and some really good weather for flying.
I now have my New taranis open TX in the glider with the telementry all hooked up .
Really good being able to hear what is going on.
One flight I was down to 307 ft and hooked into a thermal and up to 397ft before losing it.
The video is just a very short flight before coming back home.
Off the top at 427ft then out over Lake Forsyth and looking out to the Pacific Ocean. A pitty the lake now is a horrible green slim colour with a poison Alge in it.

REC 0012 (2 min 54 sec)

Posted by mintie | Sep 18, 2016 @ 03:25 AM | 3,621 Views
WE spent the weekend away in our camper.The trip was to a car show and also took my Guppy glider.
The first night we stopped at a small sea side camp and over the road there was a nice grass area so went flying when the wind dropped in the evening.
ideal spot for flying and I had the cam mounted on the wing so got in a movie.
This is some of it...... enjoy
REC 0005 (10 min 2 sec)

Posted by mintie | Jun 21, 2016 @ 03:59 AM | 4,069 Views
Time for an update on the Guppy glider.
Slowly getting there .Not much now to finish ,but as you all know it still takes time,as other things crop up and have to be done as well.
Wings now ready for covering which I might start in the weekend.
All RC gear is in and plane balances really good. Just move the battery around.
Posted by mintie | Mar 14, 2016 @ 02:07 AM | 4,513 Views
WE have had a few weekends with just the right weather so now have most of the painting done.
Roof and under sills still to go,but no hurry here.
Wife will be happy soon as I can start putting the car back together and all the bits will then be moved from one of the spare bedrooms.
Posted by mintie | Jan 25, 2016 @ 02:24 AM | 4,760 Views
A few months hard work and its now looking pretty good.
A big change from when it came out of the container
A couple of weeks and should be ready to fly.
Over to whole project I have spend over 150 hrs.
Posted by mintie | Jan 11, 2016 @ 02:03 AM | 4,903 Views
We decided to do a trip back to our old home town of 30 years ago.
Westport, New Zealand
Now I can fit the glider in the car as there is a very nice slope soaring cliff that we use to fly on back then.
New Years day and the next day were all very good wind direction and conditions,so up the track and look for the spot.
And you guessed it is still there and just as good.
Did 1.2 hrs for the two days,and could of just kept on flying on the second day as the conditions were spot on.
Mounted the cam and videoed the second day .No landing movie as the cam stopped and didnt film the latter part of the flight.
Had a bit of a problem with a couple of sea gulls,but was able to out fly them and they gave up.
Just a very short clip of the flight
Westport Glider Flying - 2015 (1 min 0 sec)

This is the first really good flights and workout since the glider was rebuilt as earlier blog postings show.
The movie should be 2016 NOT 2015
Posted by mintie | Dec 24, 2015 @ 03:44 PM | 5,677 Views
Bit of a quite spell after all opening of Xmas gifts so thought I would post an up date of the Build
Pics should show what has happened to date.
Will get back to serious building in a few weeks time.
Car comes first at the moment.
have a great Xmas every one.
Posted by mintie | Dec 18, 2015 @ 10:59 PM | 5,254 Views
Models on hold at present and spending as much time as I can getting the Mini back on the road.
It has been up on stands for 10years and have just got it back onto the ground for the first time .
Both subframes blasted and por 15 coated.Adjustable suspension fitted,New wheels from the UK 13x7 with low profile tyres fitted and on.
I have modified Late model Honda Civic vented Disc brakes for the front,with duel braking system.
Interior is Honda Integra modded and fitted.
Motor is now away being built up to a good road spec.
We have had this car for 17 years now....Continue Reading
Posted by mintie | Oct 17, 2015 @ 10:02 PM | 259,126 Views
This afternoon pulled both molds off the plugs and more than happy.

Will clean the edges up during the week,and might get time to lay the first fuse up.
Posted by mintie | Oct 16, 2015 @ 02:53 AM | 5,576 Views
Sometime back thought it a good idea to have a electric glider.
Liked the look of the Guppy and it was a good size to carry round,so time to start building.
My mate had a plan so I got a copy and now on the way.
Putting ailerons in the wings and removing the poly to a straight
Building a fiber glass pod and carbon tube boom.
Doing a way with the built up fuse as would like a bit more room for my telementry gear to fit in.
Tail feathers all built and have done a complete open structure
Posted by mintie | Aug 01, 2015 @ 08:34 PM | 6,314 Views
We had another glider tow last weekend and along with my T31, I took the 2m glass ship out for a few more flights before packing away .
First flight good .Second flight got off the high start round 400ft and did a right turn then a left turn and that is how it stayed untill contact with the ground.Didnt matter what I did there was no responce.What a horrible feeling.
A nice neat spiral all the way down.Dam there goes my plane for the slope fest in September .[46 days time]..Anway we walked over to what was to be the wreckage and surprising very little damage.
Tail feathers off and connectors bent.Wings all good ,but the connector was bent at round 40 degs,battery way out in the paddock and the radio all out and on the ground.Fuse damaged around the wing mounts and down one side.
Spent the next week repairing the fuse and on thursday night after work repainted it [41 days to go]
Friday and Saturday nights assembled all back together with new radio gear.Now all ready for the trip.
Turned out the RX packed a very big sad..Has been a very good radio ,but now in the bin.
Glider will now be packed away and the next fights will be from MT Borah at the Manila slope fest in Australia in September .[39 days time]
Posted by mintie | May 23, 2015 @ 12:50 AM | 6,309 Views
Finally got a really good day and took the glider out for a few flights.
Seven flights off my high start..very little trim change and rock steady.
Slows right down and still very controlable and can also put in a good turn of speed.
Very happy with the results.
Next will be a windy day and off the slope.
Transport box all done for the trip across the ditch to Australia in August
Now just have to keep the glider in one piece until then.
Posted by mintie | May 08, 2015 @ 10:10 PM | 6,333 Views
Finally got the glider finished.
Pulled a new canopy,made up fiberglass wing /fuse fairing,stripped the fuse and repainted
The covering on the wings /tail are all hobbyking white,and the fuse is done in 2 pak.
The 2 pak paint I use on our new Piper aircraft is an exact colour match as the HK wing covering.
Now ready for the test flight
before rebuild wt was 2.3lb.pretty happy with that.
Posted by mintie | Mar 28, 2015 @ 10:46 PM | 6,949 Views
This model was my second Rc model. I built the kit of the windfree glider and started to teach myself to fly.
Next built this model with a fiber glass fuse that a mate and I made. Wings were clark Y and own shape and design of wings and tail feathers.
.The model was 2 channel and first flew in 1976.I have used this model since then and it has done over 300 hrs. Most of the flying has been slope and on the beach.
.Last flew in Jan 2015 in Blenhien on the slope.
Decided to build some new wings and fit ailerons this time . My own foam cores and balsa skinned.
original wingspan was 1.8 mts and now it is 2.0 mts.
Mold is near ready to pull some new clear canopies
Intend to fly it in Australia at a slope fest in August.
Not much now to get it flying again.
Posted by mintie | Feb 07, 2015 @ 06:34 PM | 9,303 Views
.I bought this wee motor for my Dad in 1973 when I was doing my engineering apprenticeship...I am not sure how much he used it.
In1984 when my kids were small we came over to see my parents and used the motor on my small row boat.

In 2013 we gave my parents a hand to shift as they were moving into a self contained rest home,and look what I found ....My Dad still had the tas motor up in the garage loft.....turns out he had never used it since we did in 1984.
Mum asked if I wanted it ...So off home with the motor and put into my garage.

Last weekend the 2nd Feb 2015 I decided to see if the motor would go..Checked the spark ,made up a bit of fuel and 10 pulls on the chord and it went.

This wee motor had stood for 31 years ,,had nothing done to it and it ran sweet as.

The motor is 0.9 hp at 6500.rpm
My wife and I are now intending to use it in our motor home with a 2.4m inflatable boat for fishing.
Posted by mintie | Jan 30, 2015 @ 12:25 AM | 8,554 Views
First glider tow for this year.....beautifull sunny, hot weather and some good flying.
A good turn out of pilots and three tugs doing a fair bit of work over the weekend
This is my first event that I have been active, and the T31 was test flown...Now needs some trimming and I think it will be a good flyer.

6.6 kgs turns out a good flight weight.The plane was into the air even faster than I expected and gave me a good surprise.