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Posted by Vicarious | Sep 22, 2007 @ 08:47 PM | 11,182 Views
I'd said earlier that I would add my build to the BluCub2 thread Mine is post 343 . How was your summer?
Posted by Vicarious | Sep 17, 2007 @ 11:59 PM | 11,884 Views
There. I've said it. I bought an A7 Tornado as my second ever RC plane, and I've had fun with it! It sounds cool - like a jet (Or an over-amped hair dryer.) It flies as well as most any other 2 channel. And like all 2 channels, that is its fault. But it's not one that can't be overcome...

I am disgusted with the prices I usually see for Megatech models, but that is just what the market will bear. Alot of this RC stuff is overpriced. It hasn't reached the commodity/appliance stage yet. It is a step closer with the PZ-Kyosho Cessna, but that's another subject. I paid $39.99 for the A7 and I think it was worth it.

I will admit that I was horrified to see the entrails of a Megatech Airstrike in one thread. But I am even considering a different Megatech model as my next plane purchase and mod. The trick is to just shop the Internet to find a decent price. They are out there.

Well, the first thing I did was to mod the A7 to use a lipo. The NiMH pack was 7.2 volts so a 2 cell worked great. In order to keep C/G the same I used a 450 mah that was about 10 g less than the 200 mah pack it replaced. I had to cut open a different place for the pack which was forward of the old pack. I got many flights in with that setup, and it taught me the hard part of flying. (Stick to low wing.) If it got into a dive, however, all I had was full power and prayer to pull up. After about my 18th one-point landing, I said I'd give anything for elevator control. So I added...Continue Reading