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Posted by MULLETED | Aug 05, 2007 @ 12:27 AM | 1,973 Views
I bundled up my toys and went down to Jackadder lake yesterday.
Well, what an eye opener. The Perth Radio Sailing Club was holding an IOM event during the most perfect winters day.
It has been a very long time since I have been to that neck of the woods, and my, how things have changed.
The lake was, dare I say it, manicured.
Last time I was there the grass and reeds were waist high, yesterday I could have practiced my putting (my local golf course was less well looked after) on the lawn it was so well mowed.
The yachts, and the skill with which they were sailed, was staggering. It looked like a fairly steady 4knts on the water and these yachts were skimming across the lake at a surprising speed (fair dinkum, it looked like they were doing 6knts at a times) and barely bothered to slow down to round the marks. Those guys know how to sail!...I have soooo much to learn.
Unfortunately I was unable to stay for long, but, managed to get a good look a couple of these top dollar speedsters and saw the simplicity and sense of their rigs...Beautiful.
I took a couple of photos, Perth in winter 20 degrees.....loverly.
I tried to get all the yachts into the shot at once (as well as learning to sail I need to learn to use a camera.....I had no idea what I was doing).
Two things struck me strongly;
i) These guys take their IOM's very seriously, and,
ii) Everyone had a smile on their face.
Posted by MULLETED | Aug 03, 2007 @ 04:51 PM | 3,768 Views
With this weeks 5 mins of allowed model time I managed to bust the hull of the monsoon
In the process of fiddling I managed to hook my sleeve around the rudder and crack the rudder post...charming.
Not being smart enough to take the hint and call it a day I continued messing around trying more rigging ideas and left the ballast unsupported on the fin all afternoon. BAD MOVE!
While occupied elsewhere I heard an almighty CRACK, and, yep - you guessed it - busted the fin box...sigh.
So now I have stripped the hull down to affect repairs.
It seems that the glass job on the monsoon was done on a friday arvo as it has none of the care or quality finish of the Surmount.
On closer inspection the glass was insufficiently laminated in filler resin and the cloth has begun to delaminate...not happy!
Most things in fibreglass are an easy (if unpleasant) fix....just not delaminating.
I have cut a new forward hatch to allow access to the fin box and an aft hatch to access the rudder post, time to attempt repairs.
As this hull will never race, the weight increase is no problem, but jeez I am peeved!
Attached are photos of the less than acceptable glass job on the monsoon prior to my attempts to fix.
My repairs will probably amount to adding rovings to the keel box with a deck beam spanning both chainplates and mast foot to stiffen the deck while I am at it.
Now that I have had to regress this far I am thinking of replacing the sail winch with a pair of sail arm servos...Continue Reading