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Posted by TexasJohn | Sep 04, 2016 @ 01:32 PM | 3,475 Views
All I have left now.....Garnet fuse and boom is not a garnet, it is a Viper from Top Sky, and is new.

Tail was partially rebuilt. If I remember right, I built the horizontal pretty much from scratch but the vertical I did small repair and mounted to the new boom. Need hinging.

Note holes for pushrods in boom. 4 new Kennedy composites pushrods from Blaster included.

Wing needed small repairs when I got it, which are finished. Now needs radio install and final covering. Covering is included. About 3 small tears need fixing.

Wing joints off center as you see, so wing mount is lifted on one side to get it true. All looks right.

Without pushrods, this weighs 7.65 oz.

So, mount servos, rods, RX, balance, hinge tail, a few pcs covering, balance and fly. Wing comes apart and horizontal comes off so you can pack up for travel or whatever.

Not sure on price, and shipping will have to be part of that.

I thought I could send photos. I'll just add to my "BLOG...Continue Reading
Posted by TexasJohn | Nov 14, 2010 @ 05:43 PM | 4,045 Views
At the TNT contest I wanted to fly RES for the first time in a contest and was in a rush to leave after two rounds because family needed me. My goal was a single piece takoff and landing. I'm new to winches, in a rush flying a plane I'm new to. So I did the weenie bent arm hold on my newly acquired Topaz and the stab grazed my head on launch. It went up about 50 feet, I left the pedal alone and tried to glide it down. Somehow it leveled off before begining to plow Southfork Ranch, and the only damage was a destroyed fin and busted out mount portion of the stab. So much for single piece takeoff.

Photos show that I did not rebuild the fin post with uni-carbon over the balsa per original, but instead used carbon mat to add toughness but very little strength. The ribs were reused. It all went together smoothly. It has now been flown and there is no difference I can tell but perhaps a little heavier in the tail.

Small details were added, such as a fairing across the top of the fin post instead of the gap the factory Topaz has (yuck).