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Posted by Miami Mike | Dec 21, 2016 @ 03:36 PM | 15,023 Views
Here's an interesting thread for competition R/C sailplane pilots on the "Kapow" spot landing technique developed by Bob McGowan, who gives a detailed description of it in this post. The technique was dubbed "Kapow" by Daryl Perkins, who has posted a series of videos on YouTube of Kapow in action:

Daryl perkins and the X3 (0 min 18 sec)

Basically you get low and slow, and then, through a custom radio mix, you simultaneously apply maximum reflex plus down elevator at just the right time to nail the landing target.

I confess that I haven't tried this myself yet, but do I intend to at the first opportunity. Meanwhile, I've come up with what I think might prove to be an easier and more efficient way to accomplish a Kapow landing...

That is, if you use an FrSky Taranis radio.

I don't have much use for potentiometers, especially since, with Mike Shellim's help, I've worked out ways to "overload" my trims so that I can do all sorts of different adjustments with them. I'll write about that in another blog post, but for now I'll just say that I've eliminated any normal application for sliders LS and RS. (And I've already disposed of S1 and S2 by replacing them with switches.)

But recently, while holding my Taranis and wondering "Is there anything I can use these sliders for?" I realized that one of those sliders could function sort of like a gun trigger. You can push the slider forward, enable a function using...Continue Reading
Posted by Miami Mike | Dec 06, 2016 @ 06:47 PM | 14,931 Views
Note: My Taranis posts so far are generally based upon programming for full-house F3J/TD sailplanes, using OpenTX Companion Version 2.1.9 and a setup based upon Mike Shellim's F3J/TD Version 2. However, I believe a lot of the material I've presented can be applied to Taranis programming in general.

Taranis: Lock Your Individual Potentiometer Settings Into Memory and Use The Same Potentiometer to Adjust More That One Function.

Here's a way to set a potentiometer (S1, S2, LS, or RS) where you want it, and then lock the setting into memory so that it won't be affected when the pot is moved. You can also use the same pot for two separate functions, using a 3-position switch to choose set A, set B, or lock.

In this example I'll use the left slider (LS) to adjust volume when SC is down (SC↓), adjust aileron-to-rudder mix when SC is up (SC↑), and keep both settings locked in memory and unaffected by the left slider when SC is in the middle position (SC-). The settings are held in memory by global variables.

In the case of aileron-to-rudder mix, GVAR7 sets the amount of mix, and each flight mode has its own value, so in flight modes 1-8 GVAR7 is set to Own value. The aileron-to-rudder mix setup is a modification of the one in Mike Shellim's F3J/TD setup, Version 2. (He calls it "combi.") You can refer to the CH06 (Rudd) mix in his setup to see how combi is actually implemented.

Mike's setup requires manually setting GVAR7 for each flight mode,...Continue Reading