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Posted by Big J | Aug 10, 2007 @ 04:34 PM | 2,795 Views
Man what a trip. I was just talking to a friend one day and we were talking about Star Wars. "Dude, I saw Return of The Jedi the other day for the 100th time." my friend said. "I love that movie man, the action scenes in that movie were just awesome." I exclaimed. Then my friend smiled and said, "Ya like that last REAL big spaceship battle towards the end where all those ships are buzzing around ad attacking each other. What kind of ship brought down the "mother" Star Destroyer?" he asked. Hell I knew that one easy, "That was an A-Wing fighter dude, my favorite." Then my friend made me mad, "A-Wing? Your favorite? C'mon dude that's lame. The A-Wing wasn't even around long enough to like. Now a B-Wing is cool, all that firepower and stuff." I was like whatever..., "The A-wing was the fastest ship in the fleet and took a total psycho to fly, or should I say only the best pilots." My friend then made a statement that would keep me awake at night thinking for 3 days, "Well at least you can make a B-Wing fly for real, you know like a flying wing or something." So now I gotta prove something.

Here's my build thread for my A-Wing Fighter. I will prove him wrong, I hope.