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Posted by Hack73 | Apr 20, 2009 @ 01:18 AM | 3,084 Views
Paint: Spray Enamel
Model Master 1950 Panzer Gray FS 36076
Model Master 1926 Light Sea Gray FS 36307
Testors 1214 Gloss Yellow

Finished painting and sealed with Mini-Wax Semi-Gloss Clear floor wax.
Posted by Hack73 | Oct 17, 2008 @ 02:10 PM | 3,276 Views
BP 1100kv motor:


Simple idea: I mounted the new motor to the stock motor mount using extra stock motor mount screws and a piece of wood I had laying around.

I placed the stock motor mount upside down on top of the piece of wood and traced the screw holes and center opening with a Sharpie. Then I drilled those holes out first to see if they interfered with the new motor mount on top. I laid the new mounting bracket that came with the motor on top of the wood making sure it did not cover up the stock motor mount screws and traced an outline then marked the holes. I secured the piece of wood to the stock motor mount using the old motor mount screws. Then I secured the new motor to the piece of wood. I had to trim the edges of the wood so I could tighten the screws that secure the motor mount to the firewall.
Posted by Hack73 | Sep 22, 2008 @ 08:41 AM | 3,547 Views
Thanks to my friend George's high speed SLR camera, I have some nice pictures of the new color scheme in the air....Continue Reading
Posted by Hack73 | Aug 15, 2008 @ 07:20 AM | 3,902 Views
It isn't quite done but to give you a quick peep at it. I quickly painted the busted up cowl I had in order to take the pictures. I ordered a new cowl throught my LHS but it won't be here until sometime next week. It is suppose to be a dark grey but it looks more like a dark olive.

Plane was first sanded down with 400 grit sand paper then wiped down with a damp cloth. After it dryed, I used Minwax waterbased polycrylic to seal the foam before painting (2 coats) then sanded down with 1500 grit sand paper. Sprayed on the paint (2 coats) then sealed it with the polycrylic (1 coat). Dryed then applied stickers (small amount of polycrylic over the stickers to keep them peeling up).

The main paint is Testors Flat Dark Aircraft Gray (1226):

The bottom, rudder, and elevator is Testors Flat White (1258):

The strip and top front of the fuselage is Tamiya Matt Black (TS-6):

I finally finished my Parkzone T-28 paint job. My first painting project using spray cans.

The yellow front & reat trim was done Testors Gloss Yellow (1214):

The rear logo is a Phoenix emblem I found online and printed out on Waterslide decal paper using an inkjet printer. I coated with Minwax waterbased polycrylic to keep the ink from running when it was time to soak it in...Continue Reading