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Posted by leccyflyer | Sep 20, 2010 @ 05:22 AM | 4,192 Views
Yesterday was our club's autumn fun day and we stood under the verandah through four hours of solid heavy rain, with a single five minute window, watching the field flood and trying to at least make a dent in the mountain of burgers that had been purchased on the basis of the usual numbers attending.

It rained and it rained and it rained, so much that the puddles were ankle deep and the bits in between completely sodden. By 2pm it still hadn't stopped, the field was unflyable other than for floatplanes or hand launched submarines and so we reluctantly abandoned the day.

Of course with that done, about ten minutes later it stopped raining and a few hardy souls said they'd have a go.

Determined to fly at least one appropriate aeroplane on Battle of Britain day I dashed to get the backup GWS Spitfire, grabbed the charged lipo and, since this is a model that hasn't flown for a while and so has not got the Deans connectors on the newer batteries, grabbed the Deans-to-2mm bullets adaptor. Just time to get a single flight in!

"2 section - Scramble!"

Connected up the pack and watched in dismay as the smoke poured from the cowl - far too realistic a scramble.

It turned out that, in my rush, I'd fitted the Deans-to-2mm CHARGING LEAD adaptor, to the battery, which is polarised opposite to the Deans-to-2mm ESC adaptor. Red-to-black = smoke.

The Deans connectors are all going in the bin, starting today. No more adapters for me. So endeth the lesson.

In total four people out of about 20 there managed a single flight of a shocky, foamie wing or hand launched glider. There was no point in even unpacking anything else.

Total washout, but nice to have a natter for a few hours.

Someone had brought a couple of Lloyd Loom chairs down for the club hut too - just need a big brass bell hung outside now.