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Posted by leccyflyer | Apr 24, 2016 @ 03:54 AM | 6,006 Views
Aircraft Name: BAe Hawk PSS
Manufacturer/Designer: Phoenix Model Products
Construction: EPP fuselage and wings, Correx tail surfaces
First Flight: 6/3/16
Wing Span: 1190mm
Wing area:
Power type - PSS
ESC: n/a
Tank/Battery: n/a
Propeller: n/a
Receiver: Frsky V4FR-II
Flight Pack: 2300mah 6v Eneloop
Servos: Futaba 148s
Throws - Elevator +/- 12mm
Ailerons +/- 15mm
Undercarriage - None
Accessories: None
Covering: Red Solarfilm and tape - Red Arrows scheme with white trim
Current status: In service.
Posted by leccyflyer | Aug 20, 2015 @ 04:35 AM | 7,506 Views
After an unsuccessful attempt a few weeks ago to get some decent summer airborne video shots of the flying field, finally managed to get some edited, which illustrates the area quite nicely.

The Go Pro was simply cable-tied to an undercarriage leg on the PW Aerowatt, for a whizz round the field and Tim put together a short video, composited from a couple of flights.

Previous airborne videos shot with a keycam on the Zagi on the slope have been exciting, but unstable, and not the same quality as available with the Go Pro. some means of previewing the video at the flying field would be nice - thought that the little wildlife surveillance camera, which has a monitor built in, would be able to be used, but it fails to recognise the go Pro's formatting style on the MicroSD card.

I need to fabricate a means of fitting the Go Pro onto a couple of models - candidates are the Norriesaurus slope soarer and the Jamara PT-19 for some less unconventional angles of view. However, there's only so many videos of the same flying field/slope that you can take.

Aerowatt (Short) (3 min 56 sec)

Posted by leccyflyer | Aug 08, 2015 @ 02:51 AM | 7,542 Views
The weather hasn't been so good lately, with few opportunities for flat field flying, but a short break coincided with fine weather on a free Friday, allowing a few postponed maiden (and re-maiden) flights.

Light winds and a newly mown strip made for the usual idyllic setting, and Tim put in a couple of good video sorties with the Aerowatt, with the Go-Pro cable tied to the undercarriage for an unconventional angle on things.

First up for a maiden flight was the Krick Klemm-L25, which was built by Jim Jamieson and picked up at the club swapmeet back in March. This is a big aeroplane for a modest power train and has real presence. I made a few minor cosmetic mods -adding pilots and instrument panels, plus replacing the built in aileron servo which had failed and gearing the model up for 2.4Ghz operations.

After a few plow level piccies on the ground she was lined up on the runway, facing Scolty Hill, for an evocative shot - looks almost real. The maiden went smoothly, easy take off and no shortage of power and she looks so good in the air. Gentle manouvers are the order of the day, but the model refused to bite even onsome quite tight turn. The 3s1p 2200 pak doesn;t give her very long legs, estimated at under five minutes before the power started to sag a little and a practice approach and smooth landing ensued. Made up with the model and she'll be a firm favourite for calm days.

Next up was the RCM Pelikan Big Swift, which went off into a steep climb from a...Continue Reading
Posted by leccyflyer | Aug 08, 2015 @ 02:16 AM | 7,541 Views
Aircraft Name: Big Swift
Manufacturer/Designer: RCM Pelikan
Construction: Epoxy glass fuselage -built up balsa wings and V-tail
First Flight: 7 August 2015
Wing Span: 2m
Wing area:
AUW: 1200g
Power type - Electric Brushless Inrunner
Motor:Mega 22/30-3E
ESC: Jeti Advance 40A -3P
Tank/Battery: 3s1p 3000 Loong Max Tipple 20c
Propeller: Graupner Cam Speed 12x6" folder
Receiver: Frsky V8FR-II
Flight Pack: BEC
Servos: Hitec 81s
Throws -TBA
Undercarriage - None
Accessories: None
Covering: Transparent Oracover - blue and yellow
Current status: In service.
Posted by leccyflyer | Aug 08, 2015 @ 02:00 AM | 7,487 Views
Aircraft Name: Klemm L-25
Manufacturer/Designer: Krick Modellbau
Construction: Built up balsa fuselage wings and tail
First Flight: 7 August 2015
Wing Span: 73"
Wing area:
AUW: 61oz
Power type - Electric Brushless Outrunner
ESC: 40A
Tank/Battery: 3s1p 2200 Turnigy
Propeller: Zinger 11x5" Wood
Receiver: Frsky V8FR-II
Flight Pack: Hobbywing 5A BEC
Servos: Hitec 225 (aileron) Futaba 148 (Rudder and Elevator)
Throws -TBA
Undercarriage - Fixed
Accessories: Pilots, instrument panels
Covering: Solarfilm, painted Humbrol enamels.
Current status: In service.
Posted by leccyflyer | Jun 06, 2015 @ 07:21 AM | 7,498 Views
The Cairn O'mount was cloudbound on arrival at the slope yesterday, with visibility down to 20m, in a brisk SE wind, which would have been perfect if only you could see. So, when the lads arrived we set off for the coast and my first go at clifftop soaring.

the conditions were not perfect, with the wind veering round to a SW over the afternoon, and lift was not as strong as usual apparently, but t was a nice experience. My clubmates being more experienced with the site reckon that it's usually much more consistent lift, but it does need the right direction. Under the crcumstances, and having left my Zagi switched on in the car, I opted for the Easyglider and the insurance of a couple of seconds of motor if needed, to save the long haul down to the raised beach below.

The scenery was spectacular, the company as excellent as ever, and the flying enjoyable, if a bit challenging. I got some snaps of Derek's Fantasia in action, and he got some lovely shots of the Easyglider. Definitely a site to go back to, with an easterly wind next time....Continue Reading
Posted by leccyflyer | May 17, 2015 @ 01:27 PM | 7,725 Views
Aircraft Name: Red and Blue Soarer -Norriesoarus
Manufacturer/Designer: TBA
Construction: Built up balsa fuselage wings and tail
First Flight: 16 May 2015
Wing Span: 63"
Wing area:
Power type - Slope soarer
Tank/Battery: N/A
Propeller: N/A
Receiver: Frsky V8FR-II
Flight Pack: Enerloop 2100mah 4.8v NiMh
Servos: 3xZebra Microservos
Throws -TBA
Undercarriage - N/A
Accessories: None
Covering: Red and blue Solarfilm- Checkerboard wingtips and fluorescent yellow fin flash
Current status: In service.
Posted by leccyflyer | May 17, 2015 @ 01:17 PM | 7,495 Views
Aircraft Name: Limit EX sloperacer
Manufacturer/Designer: RCM&E Freeplan
Construction: Built up balsa fuselage wings and tail
First Flight: 25 May 2015
Wing Span: 22"
Wing area:
Power type - Slope soarer
Tank/Battery: N/A
Propeller: N/A
Receiver: FrskyV8R4-II
Flight Pack: 450mah 4.8v NiMh
Servos: 2xSG50 1xSG90
Throws -30% of that recommended
Undercarriage - N/A
Accessories: None
Covering: Red and yellow Solarfilm
Current status: In service.
Posted by leccyflyer | Apr 18, 2015 @ 12:44 PM | 9,318 Views
Great turnout today, with some fine spring weather in the NE - at least a dozen folks at the field and some lovely models on display -pictured below. Plus a new windsock installed - which seemed to make it windier than usual . Derek's Puppeteer is even more majestic in real life than in the pictures, and that removable hinged motor mount and cowl is a brilliant idea. Jim's lovely little Peter Rake designed SE5a was completelyaerobatic and really looked the part. Graham's Fournier has had a massive power transplant since last time out and flies like a dream now, and his Habu EDF is a real screamer. There was. a rare glow model there as well, a very impressive Hangar 9 Toledo that was thrown around with great aplomb

Had a bit of a curate's egg of a day myself, with enjoyable flights with the PZ Spitfire, and a bit of fun joining the buzzards to sniff out a few thermals with the Searching 400, and a few other flights with old favourites like the PT-19. Marred however by the unfortunate demise on her maiden flight of my new Parkzone Mosquito, which had been put into service for next week's fly-in.

That isn't going to happen now, since she lies back broken, one nacelle off, with several bits of crush damage to the foam, having rolled hard to the right on climb out and suffered major damage. The tracking was beautiful, straight down the strip and the lift off was fine, but the hard break and roll into a ball remains unexplained. All the controls were checked before light,...Continue Reading
Posted by leccyflyer | Apr 18, 2015 @ 12:20 PM | 9,418 Views
Aircraft Name: De Havilland Mosquito
Manufacturer/Designer: Parkzone
Construction: Z-Foam fuselage wings and tail
First Flight: 18 April 2015 first successful flight -3rd October
Wing Span: 49"
Wing area:
AUW: 43oz
Power type - Electric twin
Motor:2xPK22116 brushless outrunners
ESC: 2x PZ 18 amp
Tank/Battery: 2700mah Tipple 3s1p Lipo
Propeller: Contrarotating 8.25x5.5"
Receiver: Spektrum AR610 2.4Ghz
Flight Pack: n/a
Servos: As supplied 2xDSV130 2xSV180
Throws -As manual
Undercarriage - EFLG 100 electric retracts
Accessories: None
Covering: None -pre-painted foam
Current status: In service (repaired)...Continue Reading
Posted by leccyflyer | Mar 27, 2015 @ 03:40 PM | 7,954 Views
Well, though I've been keeping my hand in with regular indoor flying sessions every couple of weeks, I haven't flown outdoors since Boxing Day last year.

On holiday for a short break and with the opportunity to get to the field midweek saw lovely flying conditions for a first trip to the site on Wednesday. It was great to see the lads again, and there were a few new models on show that I hadn't seen before, including a nice Sea Vixen pusher and a Curtiss Hawk. Unfortunately I'd made the error of stashing my spare camera battery with my wet weather camera and my fair weather camera arrived at the site with no batteries on-board.

Thanks to clubmate Derek who played a blinder again with his usual excellent crop of pictures that are reproduced here. The weather played ball for a couple of hours, as a lovely calm spring day, then the clouds started to roll in. It was a decent day's flying, in good company.

Had a great flight with the Easyglider, with the highlight of catching some fairly weak thermals, sharing them with the resident Red Kite, who was better at sniffing out the thermals that I was. Very enjoyable sharing the air with such a majestic creature though.

The Parkzone Spitfire always goes well, this time from a handlaunch, not trusting the wheels on the damp patch this early in the season and she beat up the sky quite convincingly. Rusty thumbs nearly caused a mishap, getting overconfident in placing her to have her picture taken, but I managed to...Continue Reading
Posted by leccyflyer | Mar 26, 2015 @ 05:26 AM | 8,281 Views
Aircraft Name: SE5a
Manufacturer/Designer: Flyzone
Construction: RTF EPS fuselage, depron wings and tail
First Flight: 30/11/2014 Indoor Bridge of Don
Wing Span: 16"
Wing area:
Power type - Electric
Motor: geared brushed motor
ESC: built in
Tank/Battery: 70mah 1s1p Lipo
Receiver: built in 2.4Ghz
Flight Pack: n/a
Servos: Built in on micro board
Throws -
Undercarriage - Fixed, delicate, frangible.
Accessories: None
Covering: None -pre-painted depron
Current status: In Service
Posted by leccyflyer | Mar 26, 2015 @ 05:01 AM | 8,254 Views
Aircraft Name: Twister Quadcopter
Manufacturer/Designer: J.Perkins
Type: Quadcopter
Construction: RTF
First Flight: In the garden, 18/07/2013
Wing Span: n/a
Wing area:n/a
AUW: No idea
Power type -Electric,
Motor: 4xbrushed motor
ESC: RTF already fitted
Tank/Battery: 1s1p 500mah Lipo
Propeller: 4x no idea
Receiver: RTF, already fitted
Flight Pack: N/A
Servos: None
Throws -n/a
Undercarriage - None
Accessories: none
Covering: None -removable plastic bodies
Current status: In service , occaisional indoor flights. Summary - meh.
No pictures - it;s an RTF mini quadcopter - there are pictures on eBay.
Posted by leccyflyer | Dec 06, 2014 @ 03:32 AM | 9,282 Views
Aircraft Name: DeHavilland DH82a Tiger Moth
Manufacturer/Designer: Ares
Type: Ultra Micro
Construction: Depron, RTF
First Flight: In the garden, 18/07/2013
Wing Span:
Wing area:
AUW: 5oz
Power type -Electric,
Motor: brushed geared motor
ESC: RTF already fitted
Tank/Battery: 1s1p 50mah Ares Lipo
Receiver: RTF, already fitted
Flight Pack: N/A
Servos: Elevator (pushrod) -, Rudder -direct electromag actuator
Throws -n/a
Undercarriage - wire, magnetically attached
Accessories: none
Covering: None -RTF sprayed yellow RAF training colours
Current status: In service
Posted by leccyflyer | Aug 28, 2014 @ 02:34 AM | 10,389 Views
So, the great start to the holiday weekend continued with day 3 and 4, spent at the club field. Conditions were excellent on the Sunday, with zero to very light winds and lots of flying.
A good day for in flight pictures with some stunning aeroplanes on show.

This was the turnout on Sunday....Continue Reading
Posted by leccyflyer | Aug 23, 2014 @ 03:39 PM | 9,645 Views
This slope flying is highly addictive and this weekend saw a first trip to Brimmond, which was a totally different style of flying than at the Cairn O Mount. Having seen the excellent flying capabilities of the Cambrian Spitfire on the slope a couple of weeks ago, the Bf109 had her motor whipped out, a 2.4ghz receiver fitted and a 5 cell RX pack added, plus some lead weights and a dummy spinner. After a few bottle building flights with the Easyglider and Speedo the Bf109 was launched into the blue. Unfortunately that's where it all went wrong. The funfighter didn;t get away from the slope, the pilot put too much up elevator in, far too early and she tip stalled and plunged in vertically from about twenty feet.

The nose is off, the back is broken in the same place that it was broken at Barrow all those years ago, and the canopy is cracked. Repairable, but the end of flying for the Luftwaffe on the day.

The Easygllder was a lot of fun though, in stronger winds than at the Cairn - not absolutely convinced with the wings just being held on with friction though, added a couple of strips of tape for peace of mind, but she definitely has a bit of a wing waggle when coming out of a dive.

Thanks also to Derek Robertson who provided some additional pictures of my models in flight. It's quite difficult to get hold of in-flight pictures of my models these days and these are excellent pictures, some of the best I've seen - thanks to Derek for permission to use them here.

Good company, stunning scenery, fresh air and a nice little stroll up the hill -it does not get any better than this
Posted by leccyflyer | Aug 03, 2014 @ 05:18 PM | 9,823 Views
Last day of my week off, and yesterday was decidely damp and rainy, so it was nice to wake up this morning to signs of an improvement in the weather, with a strengthening breeze, in a nice S to SE direction and forecast for 13-17mph, with a small risk of rain.

Whilst waiting for that to firm up, I pulled the motor/esc and 35mhz receiver from our RCM Pelikan Eurofighter and stuck a Frsky 2.4rx, switch harness and 4 cell nimh RX pack in there for some PSS fun.

Arrived at the hill - about a 15 minute drive on beautiful country roads - with Matt Munro crooning the theme from The Italian Job on the car stereo. There had been heavy rain yesterday, so the path was pretty soaked, but we made our way the 200 yards clear of the car park with a few models and got set up.

First flight was with the Zagi, and in contrast to my previous failed attempts to slope the venerable 14 year old model, this time it was a roaring success - getting straight away into good slope lift and climbing steadily. Enjoyed throwing the Zagi around for a while and it's certainly a very different proposition on the slope, that wit a high revving pusher prop on the rear.

My boy and me then had a couple of flights with the Easyglider Pro and the conditions were perfect for the model, alternately hovring stock still whilst climbing in the slope lift and making swooping passes along the slope, with a few loops thrown in for good measure. We'd had some great flights hunting thermals on Friday at the...Continue Reading
Posted by leccyflyer | Jul 28, 2014 @ 05:31 PM | 10,030 Views
I posted about a year ago that, after a break from flying, with very little chance to get to the field, I felt that I;d got my mojo back and was enjoying the hobby again. Having restarted the hobby 20 years ago, as a lad and dad activity, it was a big change when my boy went off to Uni and our flying sessions ceased. That also concided with my best flying pal more or less giving up the hobby and moving onto other things. Anyway, long story short, today I was lucky enough to be able to go flying with my boy for the first time in a couple of years and it was great. Got to the new club field and found that we had company, with several of my new clubmates also taking advantage of a fine summer's day. We had a blast of a low key day, with some interesting models flying, lot's of good chat and flying and finished off by a short trip to the local slope field for a couple of glider flight, into the bargain.

So, very happy to be back in the groove, enjoying the flying, and the workshop and right back into the swing of things.

Some pictures from the day, coming after a fantastic weekend's flying, on the flat and on the slope....Continue Reading
Posted by leccyflyer | Jul 26, 2014 @ 01:34 PM | 10,413 Views
Aircraft Name: Easyglider Pro
Manufacturer/Designer: Multiplex
Type: Electric glider
Construction: ElaporFoam
First Flight: 18/06/14 - Kerloch
Wing Span: 1.8m
Wing area:
Power type -Electric
Motor: Himax outrunner - C3516-1130
ESC: Multiplex MULTICont BL-37/II
Tank/Battery: Maxpoly 321p 2500mah 20C lipo
Propeller: Graupner Cam Prop 10x6" - effective diameter 11x6"
Receiver: Frysky V8FR - 8 channel 2.4ghz
Flight Pack: Separate 5amp BEC
Servos: Built-in, Elevator (pushrod) - , Ailerons -Pushrod- x2, Rudder
Throws -as manual
Undercarriage - none
Accessories: None
Covering: N/A - bare foam and vinyl stickers
Current status: In service
Posted by leccyflyer | Jul 26, 2014 @ 01:19 PM | 10,159 Views
Aircraft Name: Spitfire Mk IX
Manufacturer/Designer: Parkzone
Type: Ultra Micro Electric Scale
Construction: Foam RTF
First Flight: 18/06/14 - Kerloch
Wing Span: 15.9"
Wing area:
AUW: 1.65oz
Power type -Electric
Motor: 8.5mm Brushed
ESC: Built in Parkzone
Tank/Battery: Eflite 150mah 35C 1s1p lipo
Propeller: 4 bladed 100x100mm
Receiver: Built in Spectrum 6 channel UMX with A3X Warbird type
Flight Pack: Eflite 150mah 35C 1s1p Lipo
Servos: Built-in, Elevator (pushrod) - , Ailerons -Pushrod- x2, Rudder
Throws -as manual
Undercarriage - fixed but removable
Accessories: None
Covering: Prepainted depron foam, preprinted and applied self-adhesive decals
Current status: In service