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Posted by mad mike | Apr 23, 2015 @ 08:57 PM | 2,761 Views
It's been a while. OK, a long time! I'm thinking maybe about 2006 or so, I got away from flying RC and building foamies. That is what I loved to do. Build 'em and fly'em.

Through an odd turn of events, I got interested in a project involving some local (for me,) history. Once I locked on to what I wanted to do, I came back to RC Groups. I knew I'd be able to find what I needed to know.

But since it does involve both building and flying, I decided I'd better find out if I still could build, and then fly what I built. I think I came a little close to having a panic attack. . . Well, maybe not.

Today, I took two models out to a field that I'd just built over the past couple of days, and promptly crashed the first of them. Too much wind, too little (recent) experience, too much of a hurry. It was a Bird Dog, designed by thatovalguy, a long time ago. It did fly, but not long. only real damage was to the prop.

The second model was Scotta's Park Cub. This one was a re-make of the last successful build for me. And this one turned out as well. Balance and trim was right from the get-go, and I flew it until I started having orientation problems due to the setting sun, and brought it down to a safe landing. Probably was airborne for about 15 minutes.

Well, now I know that I can still build and fly! I need to do a lot of both before I can start my "project," but now I know I can and will get it done.

Nope! Won't talk about it yet, not until it is well under way. But in the mean time, this is going to be fun!

Mike S.
Spring Hill, FL