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Posted by BlueFFF | Aug 02, 2009 @ 04:54 PM | 8,735 Views
Here is my latest design the Acorn!

It has roots in the Nutball, Delta Nutball and Simple Delta. I designed this as a windy day flier and have flown it in winds up to 12 mph with gusts to about 18. I can get it to hover for short periods of time (I need more practice). It rolls well and will do tight inside and outside loops. It's a blast to fly.

The fuse is the same I use on my Nutballs. It has the down and right thrust angles built into the design. I've included it in my plans, see below.

I buillt it out of spare parts I had laying around, so it could be built much lighter, which might improve my ability to hover. It's a fun plane, so I've included pics and plans for everyone to enjoy.


Wing span: 22"
Length: 22"
Area: 352 sq. Inches
Motor: 1700kv Blue Wonder (any Blue Wonder will work)
Prop: 8x3.8
Esc: Tower Pro 18 amp (What I had on hand a 10 amp would be plenty)
Receiver: 9 gm, 6 channel
Servos = 9 gm, qty 2 (5 gm would be plenty)
Battery = 2 cell Lipo, 1000 mAh, 20c (a lighter battery would be better)
No landing gear
Auw = 8.5 oz.
Construction material = Dow PBIII fan fold...Continue Reading