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Posted by BlueFFF | Apr 03, 2009 @ 07:22 PM | 123,222 Views
Presenting the BB J3 Cub. This plane was my entry in the BB Tribute Contest, but was not finished by the dead line. In fact it has taken me a 3 months since then, because of more pressing issues. The plane flys better than my 42" RET BB, I built this one with ailerons, my first. I have a vid of it flying for about a minute before the batteries ran out of juice and I hit a tree. Remember to always charge your batteries before you go fly.

Here is the vidio of the maiden flight.

Ok, I finished the plans for the BB J3 Cub. See below.

The specs are;

Wing span = 44"

Wing area = 413.5 square inches

Fuse length = 29.5 inches

Motor = Emax 2822, 1200kv

Prop = 9x3.8

Esc = Simple 18 amp

Receiver = 9 gm, 6 channel

Servos = 9 gm, qty 3

Battery = Lipo, 1000 mAh, 20c

Wheels = D75xH18mm

Landing Gear = Made from bent coat hanger

Auw = 19 oz.

Construction material = Dow PBIII fan fold foam

The BB J3 Cub uses the same monoblock construction as the BluBaby, so for assembly instructions I would...Continue Reading