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Posted by RTS.readytosoar | Dec 22, 2007 @ 01:25 PM | 5,299 Views

I WAS ADMITTED INTO THE HOPSITAL friday night for carbon mononixed poisioning and they found lead in my blood.I had my faimily make all calls to all customers. I am just getting access to a computer but I am basically bed ridden with an o2 tank. This is from driving a rally car with no exhaust everyday and soldering. All of this at the age of 24. They said three more straight days of heavy oxygen and I should be fealing good to go. They gave me a work note,lol.

I AM ALIVE AND GETTING BETTER and very sory for building delays!!!

If you were not contacted by my father, please call me at 908-528-6193 if I do not get to you within the next 2 days. Even typing this is taking effort, I;ll be back 20 times stronger ina few days.

SORRY TO ALL!!! I will make it up to you all however I can. Please no replies here.

Posted by RTS.readytosoar | Dec 07, 2007 @ 09:24 PM | 5,233 Views
I moved into a new shop, I now have room for my CNC wing cutter, CNC router and my new pump. Also enough room for the foam, man it takes up alot of room!

Building currently.
avionik cross tail
eraser full carbon electric 3 meter
3 polecat sidewinders
Alot more for sure!

Working on a new 2 meter bagged electric a/e/r/f ship. A.U.W. 19oz RTF.

Just have to find time to eat and sleep,lol. Some drifting in the rally car now that the snow is here.

Thats all for now.

Posted by RTS.readytosoar | Sep 30, 2007 @ 08:36 PM | 5,930 Views
After taking on some more builds, I went crazy with tool buying! New drill press, two new hand held dremels, diamond bits from the faimily dentist,more tips for my Weller WD1 computer soldering friend. Made some new end to end battery pack set-ups for 2200's that I needed for custom packs to fit in thin 3 meter fuses(22 cell one currently being made.)
On the bench now is:

Stratos sl
RW competition f5b
Jaro Muller electric fuses

wing repair on araine v10
eraser center section and v-tail repair
stork pro wing tip repairs from a cartwheel

Non sailplane builds:

Beaver electric conversion
large B29 electric
Gnat edf jet
DC3 to customer scale (indian airlines) painted yellow, pretty neat!

Plus a couple carrying cases, one for a 4 peice wing/ split fuse Sailare! NEAT!

Needless to say It's a busy week!

Posted by RTS.readytosoar | Aug 21, 2007 @ 02:18 PM | 5,616 Views

Since starting my building service I have found myself building more than flying! It is nice though as I live on over 60 acres of farm land. I wake up, have some tea, build models and fly for lunch. building from home and it being my primary occupation allows me to focus on what I love, every type of sailplane and lift eating machine.I have been flying since the age of 6, I was given a hobie hawk a sophisticated lady and a highstart along with a pat on the back at the local glider port where I ran the wings all day. At the age of 24 I just can not get enough. From a couple boxes of parts to a tuned machine for your thumb is my job, and I love it! Dlg to scale to 18 cell F5B, I can work with you yuo make exactly what you want. Contest weight limits, repairs, custom poly acyrlic carrying/shipping cases aswell as custom vinyl. I love sailplanes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!