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Posted by LKC | Aug 05, 2008 @ 07:27 PM | 6,620 Views
I figured I'm the first person in Canada to fly one of these, since I'm silly enough to pay the extra to get one shipped from Germany

I just maidened my Blizzard, with this setup:
4xHXT900 servos
35-36C Turnigy outrunner
60A Turnigy EXC with switching BEC
4S-2200 Zippy-R
AUW 34Oz
40mm spinner from Hobbycity with a 9x6 prop

Flight was completely predictable, very little trim required in the end. My CG is around 59-60mm, and I may try move it back a little further. I am not using the 3 balance balls and I am able to slide my pack further back, thanks to my modified MPX plug, see below. I did have my Rudder set up backward to what I thought. It was my first rudder on a V-tail, so I guess I assumed the wrong surface movements. The blizzard does flex the wings a bit during hard pull out. I never got a flutter, but I am sure I will soon.. It does penetrate really well and I think a nice lighter weight setup would rock on the slopes. The durability of the Elapor would suit a lot of slope locations. Even maye a light electric setup dedicated to the slope..

All in all, a great parkliner flyer ! Typical Multiplex kit. Goes together how a kit should, all components are well matched and there was no real complications besides the MPX plug. The plug itself is a great idea, it just protrudes into battery space.

A few pics on this post


Posted by LKC | Aug 03, 2008 @ 05:57 PM | 5,244 Views
I know this is bad, and I probably shouldn't post the pic..
But couldn't resist.. (she will kill me later)
My daughter Devan, acting just like Dad !