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Posted by brett1984 | Jun 21, 2011 @ 04:23 PM | 12,135 Views
Here are some pictures of my A380 during construction. The only problem i experinced sofar was when i first drew the centre sheeting i did not think of the grain of depron, so when i tried to bend it around the fuselage formers is crinkeled a little i had to use my heat gun for it to bend round, it does not look to bad but iam not happy about it really, i already ajusted my autocad drawings to change the way the part is on the depron sheet. I will recut out the airframe on my cnc, and take photos for my instruction manual but also i will include the lighting system i brought for it from hobbyking.

Can't wait to get this one flying.

hi guys, just added pictures with nacelles added to the wing made from a healthy drink bottle. Actimel The link is so you can see the shape of the bottle close up, by the way im not advertising

just added pics with the ailerons attached

Depron Airbus A380 (3 min 11 sec)
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Posted by brett1984 | Jun 20, 2011 @ 06:43 PM | 14,825 Views
In july last year i brought myself a nice sized cnc machine with a cutting bed on 36'' x 24'', I had all ready been using autocad to do desiging, so here is a few pics on my designs, the first pics is of my cnc machine, then some parts i cut for my dc10, then for a 727-200 then a 747-400 then an A380.

The dc10, 747-400 and the A380 are all designed for pusher props as there wing span are all under 41'' wingspans, the dc10 is a full 6ch model with flaps and retracts the span is 36'' and made from depron, balsa and lite ply the pusher motor is in the tail. For the 747-400 and the A380 undercarriage would be complicated, so no under carriage is going to be fitted. these models are made from the same as above.

The 727-200 is 72'' in length and 48'' span and will be powered by to 66mm fans, same as the eflite airliner, more to come........

my aim is to kit these airframes as i have got the A380 design to a stage that every parts is pre cut for assembley with over a 110 parts on 3mm depron, 6mm depron, 3mm balsa and 2mm ply. This includes the sheeting of the model centre section, the whole design just slots together no need for any plan to build over as long as you can follow instructions you could build this model in a day.

The engine pods are designed to be held on with magnets so landing just knocks the pods of with out damaging the wing.

The wing span is 1050mm /41'', the length is 955mm/ 37.5''. The battery hatch is at the front of the model just after the...Continue Reading