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Posted by jeff edmondson | Dec 22, 2010 @ 06:06 PM | 2,546 Views
As a born again member of this hobby, in 2002, I was filled with enthusiasm and great expectations. The electric powered model airplane was well out of the experimental / development phase and fast becoming standard fare. I imagined building small to medium sized scale models that I could fly in nearby small spaces, in this immense metropolis.

However my participation in this blossoming segment of the hobby was quickly restrained, often to nil. There was another pursuit that would soon consume me. With my better half, we joined in on the Great California Home Rush of the early 21st century.

In late 2002 we had entered the fray. Through 2003 we witnessed, and tried to persevere through, one of the most fantastic speculative bubbles in modern civilization. We pursued homes that would increase in value by over 6% per month. We watched in disbelief as even smart people engaged in dumb lending plans (buyers/sellers/lenders/etc). The pace and panic gave it all the characteristics to be called the “California House Exchange” (similar to the NYSE). After losing in bidding wars for about the 10th home, we pulled out of the game, in February 2004. Then in July the frenzy paused, and sellers began to worry that the bubble was bursting. We were then able to stake our claim. After great negotiation we finally got a house.

In September our names were written to the title of this home. I did not say we became owners of this collection of bricks and sticks. For the opposite is truer. This house took over my destiny. It became the ship which would take me on my “Odyssey” - a journey not unlike Homer’s story. Hobby be gone, for there is much work to do.

Demolition, reconstruction, restoration, …