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Posted by SlowRide | Jun 14, 2012 @ 07:07 AM | 2,962 Views
Come One... Come All! To Triple Creek RC Club's annual Heli Fly-in & F.A.I. Event. (AMA Sanction) Oct. 27th - 28th 2012

This flying site is one big wide open space.
Electric, water and large covered pit area

Bring your camper! Mark your calendar!

AMA required to fly

Nob Muraki, Event Organizer

John Clark, Contest Director

Triple Creek RC Club
Posted by SlowRide | Jun 01, 2009 @ 09:08 PM | 3,381 Views
I haven't made a blog entry in some time now. So here's an update of what I been doing. I still fly my helis but I started to get back into the planks. I'm kind of ..... "If it's RC... it's for me!" At my age, I don't have the desire to be the best RC'er at the field, I just want to fly and I enjoy flying my little machines. Here's a few pics of some of my recent machines. I have several more than pictured here, I'll add them in the near future.
Posted by SlowRide | Dec 03, 2007 @ 11:16 AM | 4,138 Views
As stated in my first entry of this blog, I started to 'mess' with the helis in the month of May of the year 2007. I started with a E-flite CX2 ... then to a Blade CP ... then to a Blade CP-Pro... my first belt driven tail was a Dragonus N+ and ended my electrics with a QJ-8 EX. Then I wanted to go BIGGER!! I did my research and figured costs and decided to go with a 'used' Raptor 50 v2 nitro. (got a deal I couldn't refuse)

If knew now what I didn't know then, I would of went with the Raptor right after the CP-Pro. The bigger birds are easier to fly... that's a fact. So having that in mind... I not got one but two 90 size helis. A Gohbee Stinger and a Freya Evo. (got great deals on these also)

A good friend that I have known for many many years (who is a excellent heli pilot) was trying to get me to re-join the local RC club. They moved to a nice area close to my home, they had electric, running water, great shelter, playground for the kids and huge flying area and most of all... great bunch of guys (some great heli pilots too) So I joined the club. (see pic below)

Well, I must say that was the best thing I could of done. I have learned more in the short time I been out there then all the time I was trying to fly these things at home. They have been a great help in not only setup of the ships but also in making me a better and capable pilot.

So... I'm enjoying doing loops, rolls (got to clean them up a little), couple of tanks of autos every flying session (getting better with each attempt), nose-in takeoffs and landings (also with the autos) and no more nervous, shaky hands flying these things... it's just great fun for me now. Just can't wait to get out there and fly.

I fly my 50 and my 90s about equal times and I still fly my electrics around my yard... it's all fun to me.

So that's where I'm at in the world of RC helis.

Posted by SlowRide | Oct 27, 2007 @ 01:39 AM | 4,710 Views
Got a good deal on a Freya 90 to add to my fleet. Guess I'll need to start buying fuel by the 50gal drum. It flies great... I love the way the big birds fly.

Here's a shot with my CX2 ridin' on the blade.

Posted by SlowRide | Sep 19, 2007 @ 06:25 PM | 4,604 Views
Here are 3 of my helis arranged to show size. The bigger... the easier to fly IMHO but I enjoy flying them all. Each one has it's own 'quirks' and you have to remember which one you are flying. If you forget... it will remind you.... quickly. The smaller ones are great sporting about the yard, the larger ones need more room at my current skill level.

Front: "Yard Dart" HDX-300
Middle: "Powerline Seeker" QJ EP-8 EX
Back: "Smoker" Raptor 50 V2
Posted by SlowRide | Sep 16, 2007 @ 09:06 PM | 4,582 Views
I added a new bird to my fleet. A Raptor 50 v2 nitro. This is my first nitro heli but I flew nitro planes for many years so I'm use to the 'slime'. I ran 9 tanks through this beast to date and I must say I love this heli. It's very responsive and does what I ask of it. It has helped my flying... my figure 8s look like 8s now!! It doesn't 'slime' up no where near the way my planes use to. Just a little on the skids. So that's no problem but it is a bit noisy. My wife says I'm "ATE UP" with my heli hobby... she just doesn't GET IT!

Posted by SlowRide | Aug 26, 2007 @ 08:49 AM | 4,259 Views
Flew the E-Flite Mini-Pulse for the first time this morning. I was a little nervous since I haven't flown fix-wing in many years but with the help of RealFlight, it came off without a hitch. All it needed was a few beeps of up elevator... ah... brought back some good memories. Plenty of power with the 480 motor and it'll cruise around the field smoothly with only 1/4 power.

Now since I got the first flight out of the way... the rest will be a .... piece of cake. Now I need to go wipe the oil off the bird... oops... sorry... no need!

Posted by SlowRide | Aug 12, 2007 @ 09:05 PM | 4,322 Views
I had a friend stop by yesterday and seen I flew rc helis. He asked if I could fly in the yard and I got one of the small one's out and zipped about the yard for his amusement.

He stopped by a little later and said he had something for me. He bought it to fly but being too busy and didn't want to fore-go the cost of the tx, rx, motor, servos etc so he............ gave it to me! I offered to pay him for it but he didn't want to hear it... it's a gift. He said he would just like to see me fly it sometime. I had boo-koo spare servos, esc, rx but I had to buy a motor. I stuck a E-flite 480 BL in it, I guess that'll work ok.

Been a while since I flew a fix-wing but I think I can manage.

Please excuse the blue tape, the glue is still drying on the canopy.

Posted by SlowRide | Aug 05, 2007 @ 10:07 AM | 4,397 Views
Got the DeWalt 36v battery pack and I started straight out on my project. I decided first off to use 2 sets of 5 cells 2300mAh but I didnít know what configuration I was going to use until I seen how the A123ís would effect the CoG of my heli.

My EP-8 was tail heavy and using a 4s 2200mAh 18c lipo I still need weight in the nose. I double sided taped a piece of lead in the nose of the canopy to balance the CoG. I took the 5 - A123ís and tested them as-is out of the DeWalt pack on the battery rail on the front the EP-8, took the lead out of the canopy and install that too. The heli was just a little (very little) nose heavy with this setup. I went ahead with the project and used the A123ís just as they came out of the DeWalt pack (but cut in half)

I Gooped the cells together first and also used a zip tie. I then soldered the balance leads on and the main power leads too. I didnít have any shrink wrap and I just wanted to test the pack anyway so I just used stretch wrap and some black electriciansí tape on the pack. (Iíll order some shrink wrap and replace that mess later) I then charged the A123ís on the Bantam BC6 charger set to Li-Fe cells. The A123 5 cell pack weighs in at 391g (my 4s-2200mAh-18c lipo weighs 246g)

After the charge, I strapped one to my EP-8 and took it out back for a test hover. I hit the timer on the radio and commenced to go into a 5-6í hover. I flew it back and forth a littleÖ up and back too but I didnít want to get too high incase it decided...Continue Reading
Posted by SlowRide | Aug 01, 2007 @ 12:35 PM | 4,584 Views
I've been flying helis since May of 2007 and I've flown fix-wingers since the early 1970's. Here's a few photo's of my 'fleet' and some in the air.

My Fleet Photo (from left to right)
#1: Quick of Japan EP-8 EX 500 size (my favorite, big, smooth) Details
#2: Dragonus II N-PLUS 400 size (second best great flyer) Details
#3: E-Sky Belt-CP 400 size (my least favorite) Details
#4 E-Flite CP 300 size (I fly this one ALL the time in the yard) Details
#5 E-Flite CP-Pro 300 size (3D version of the CP) Details
#6 HDX-300 300 size (wild mini T-Rex style little wild bird!! FUN!!) Details
#7 Blade CX2 Double Blade (the one that started it all!) Details
#8 600 size maybe!!???!!!