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Posted by Crash-n-Hard | May 15, 2008 @ 10:07 PM | 4,629 Views
It's going slow but it's happening.

A few more that have been added.
Posted by Crash-n-Hard | May 02, 2008 @ 02:49 AM | 5,013 Views
UPDATE 05.02.08

New Holographic Main Rotor Blades Decal Designs and New Decal Designs for Canopies.

I also wanted to Thank our Newest Partner, Randy from to our site at He's a real stand up guy and worked really hard with me when i had a couple setup problems with some equipment that I bought from him and he even went as far as to call me at home personally to help get my problems resolved.

Randy is also a Sponsor here at
If you get a chance, Stop by his site and check out what he's got For Sale.

Thank You Randy.

CNH. A.K.A. Jim

Decals can be seen on my other new site in action in the photo gallery shortly at Reading
Posted by Crash-n-Hard | Apr 08, 2008 @ 11:14 PM | 5,645 Views
Time to Upgrade.
Well,... I guess it's that time again.

I just received my new Scorpion 2221-6 Motor and Scorpion 55a ESC on Monday 04.07.08, I bought it from Randy at , He's a Great Guy and Easy going all I'm just waiting on now is a new pinion and i'm ready to go.

The New Scorpion 2221-6 Motor and Scorpion 55a ESC will be replacing my already Fairly New Align 430XL Motor and Align RCE-BL35X ESC.

I've read some pretty good things about this motor so we shall see how it performs.

Here's some pic's below.

CNH A.K.A. Jim
Posted by Crash-n-Hard | Jan 27, 2008 @ 04:30 AM | 4,985 Views
I finally got a whole roll of Holographic Vinyl in to make my own Holographic Flames for my T-Rex 450 Main Rotor Blades. I'm going to put them on ASAP to test them out. The Chrome ones i made the last time looked pretty sweet. I'm guessing these will look 100 times better.

I've also made a matching set for my Tail Blades.

Here's a pic of the Flames and a 6" Dragon thats going on the back of my rear window on my truck.

Posted by Crash-n-Hard | Jan 11, 2008 @ 12:15 AM | 7,785 Views
I just Finished Plotting and Cutting Out some Very Cool Vinyl Decals for my Trex 450SE v2 Canopy. They Look Very Shape and Fit the Canopy Perfect. I've decided to go with Chrome/Mirror on the Bottom of the Canopy and a Red for the Top of the Canopy and Red for the Fins and Tail.

Pictures to come soon. I've been working on for the last week. Even Thought We Do Not Sell Anything I Only Add Other Products that Vendors and Dealers are Selling. I think i've probably added almost 100 New Products to the site and finally got the For Sale Forum Open Up & Running for Everyone who has Something For Sale.

More Updates to this blog shortly.

Jim A.K.A. CNH
Posted by Crash-n-Hard | Sep 24, 2007 @ 09:43 PM | 5,935 Views
Owner Operator of the website:

Where Vendors and Dealers go to place the products that they sell so our visitors can find the products their looking for quickly and easily all on one site without having to search all over the internet.

If you sell RC Products, Parts or Accessories. Membership is free. We also support Banner Hosting so if you have a banner you would like to have advertised for free, stop by, sign up and let us know where we can find your banner and we'll add it in to the banner rotation.

Come By, Shop and Compare Prices.

Posted by Crash-n-Hard | Jul 21, 2007 @ 11:37 PM | 6,040 Views
Difference in Battery Weight.
MP 2100 15c = 160.0g - HD says It Weights 156g WHICH SUCK!
MP 1350 15c = 103.1g - HD says It Weights 110g WHICH SUCK!
Stock 1000 10c = 88.1g - HD says It Weights 66.5g

I'll Never Buy a MP Battery Again.
Posted by Crash-n-Hard | Jul 10, 2007 @ 01:13 PM | 6,141 Views
1 x 9T RevCo "Hard One" 0.5M, Long Shank, Hardened Pinion Gear, 2.3mm shaft - 9 teeth $5.95.
1 x White Lithium Grease $2.95.
1 x Pocket Drill w/ 12 Bits $15.95.
1 x Futaba S3154 Digital Micro HT HS Servo $31.95
Posted by Crash-n-Hard | Jun 24, 2007 @ 09:52 PM | 6,437 Views
Blog Entry 06.24.07
Spektrum DX7 Radio and AR6100 Receiver. (Purchased)
1 x 10T RevCo "Hard One" 0.5M, Long Shank, Hardened Pinion Gear, 2.3mm shaft - 10 teeth $5.95
1 x 10T RevCo "Hard One" 0.5M, Long Shank, Hardened Pinion Gear, 2.3mm shaft - 10 teeth $5.95
1 x 12T RevCo "Hard One" 0.5M, Long Shank, Hardened Pinion Gear, 2.3mm shaft - 12 teeth $5.95
Posted by Crash-n-Hard | Jun 04, 2007 @ 11:29 PM | 6,905 Views
Items Ordered to Date.

1 x *** MEGA POWER Li-Po Battery 1350mAH 15C 11.1V *** Best Value !! $27.95 WHICH SUCK!
1 x Velcro Loop Strips - 150x1.6mm 4pcs $1.99
1 x Align New Li-ion Battery Balance Charger RCC-4CX $52.99
1 x Plastic Tail Blades (Yellow) - Esky Belt CP EK1-0502 $2.60
1 x Plastic Paddle Yellow - Esky Belt CP - EK1-0512 $2.56
1 x Motor Pinion 11T - 2.3mm bore Shaft $1.90
1 x Micro Helis Deluxe Main Blade Holder - Blade CP/CP2 $3.99
1 x Hook & Loop Fastening Tape $2.99
1 x Telebee/Zoom Head Lock Gyro $59.99
1 x HS-50 Hitec Super Feather Servo $22.95
1 x Servo Linkage Rods - Esky Belt CP EK1-0548 $5.15
1 x Heli-Max Blade Tracking Tape $1.99
1 x Motor Main Gear Pinion (9+10+11T) 2.3mm Shaft $5.67
1 x Main Blade Grips - Honey Bee KING/COOL $8.00
2 x Feathering Shaft/Spindle $3.40
1 x Linkage Set - Honey Bee KING/COOL $9.00
1 x Bell Control Arms - Honey Bee KING/COOL $8.00
1 x Balance trust bearings (2) - Belt CP $2.56
1 x Ball Link Plier Tool $12.99
2 x ABEC-3 Bearings (3x6x2.5) MR63ZZ (2pcs) - T-REX 450XL/BCP $4.76
1 x Micro Helicopter Pitch Gauge $7.99
1 x Logictech High Performance HeadLock Gyro - 2100T -- Best Gyro $104.95
1 x HS-50 Hitec Super Feather Servo $13.99
1 x *** MEGA POWER Li-Po Battery 2100mAH 15C 11.1V *** Best Value !! $39.95
2 x Feathering Shaft/Spindle - EK1-0344 Esky KING/COOL $3.40
1 x Belt - HB King V2 $2.82
1 x Canopy - Honey Bee COOL $7.83
Posted by Crash-n-Hard | May 20, 2007 @ 06:20 PM | 6,749 Views
Link to My YouTube Videos Page: Visit my page and Rate My Videos.

Blog Entry 05.20.07

RC Helicopter:
Honey Bee King v2 RTF
Honey Bee King v2 ARF
Recently Purchased Supplies:
9 & 10t Pinions
3 x Wooden Main Rotor Blades
1 x ESky Honey Bee King v2 BB Kit
1 x ESky 3100kv BL Motor
1 x ESky 3900kv BL Motor
1 x ESKY 25a ESC
2 x Wiha 5.5mm Nut Drivers
Digital Scale
Set of small Phillips and Straight Head Screw Drivers
30w Soldering Iron
Lots of Male & Female Deans Connectors
Thick & Thin CA Glue
Silicone Spray