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Posted by Lberry.88 | Dec 26, 2011 @ 10:03 AM | 6,641 Views
So the festivities are almost over (for us Brits we have Boxing Day - a bank holiday after Christmas) with the Turkey still sitting in my stomach and even though I have a few new goodies sitting in boxes ready to be built, I have been told "Christmas is a family time, so my hobby will have to wait. Now would be an excellent time to take stock of 2011 and look forward to 2012, maybe even set myself some targets (how sensible is that).

How did 2011 go for me? Pretty well, The year started with Ultra Micros - I was at University, space was at a premium so the perfectly formed UMs proved to be invaluable to keeping me in the air. I interspersed these UMs with a few crappy Chinese foamies which did noting to disspel my mothers view: "Buy cheap, buy twice". These invariably lasted fewer than 5 flights - of well, it kept me in the air.

Then came exams, turns out studying for a degree in Physics is more difficult than i first thought. I went 3 months without picking up a transmitter before carefully selecting a new plane to ease me back into the hobby, after all, I was feeling a little rusty. So I went for a 60mm EDF A4 it all went well, until the RX aerial severed (should have been picked up in pre-flight, had I done a range check ) What followed was my summer holiday (I am a teacher, so after University I was not at work for 12 weeks) where I had an Airplane explosion - you can find details in a previous blog of mine.

We are now up to the present day: In the workshop I have A PZ Stinson and a 35mm twin EDF A10 ready to construct -> fly-> crash-> get angry-> Drink the pain away.

So what does 2012 have in store? Well I have never built a plane from a kit, or scratch built from foam - I would like to do that. Also, never flown a multi (apart from my UM Mosquito, which I don't count) and have been eyeing up the 1800mm B17 from HK.... We shall see

Happy New year to you all.